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Gratitude Journal #38

Mum Visiting
Mum came to stay this weekend. She got here an hour before school pick up so was able to come and get the girls with me from school. Needless to say they were surprised and pleased to see them when they came out of their classrooms.

Mum here for an early morning wake up!
T woke me up at 4.15, ish, Saturday morning, complaining that she couldn't sleep and was wide awake. I managed to settle her and gave her strict instructions that she wasn't allowed to go in and wake Granny up until her (gro) clock had gone yellow.  When I got up later that morning, I found out she had gone through at 5am and had been wide awake since.  I had a migraine, so I was very grateful Mum had been there to take the brunt of it!  Surprisingly she made it through until about 5.30 when the wall of tired hit her and everything got too much for her.  I didn't think she would make it that long.

Kids Playing Nicely Together (Again!)
Another weekend with minimal tantrums, attitude and arguing.  They went out for lunch with Mum on Saturday and then we took them to soft play to burn off some energy.  T in particular has been really good. Long may it continue, we'll enjoy it whilst it lasts!

Kitchen Electrics
The electrician is here this week to start the electrics in the new kitchen. Hoorah! It seems to have taken us an age to get to this point. He was a little slow to let us know when he would be able to quote and then again to fit us in and then he was meant to come last week but was delayed. Luckily we know he's good at what he does as he's done a lot of work for the family. I just hope it all goes smoothly! 

Silent Sunday

Twinkly Tuesday | Featuring Life of an Ambitious Turtle

Happy Tuesday folks! I hope you're having a great week, thanks for popping by this week's linky.  With how much rain we have had last week and with more forecast this week, I'm debating building an ark. Or at least finding myself some wellies and a decent waterproof coat! How's it been where you are?

This morning's Tuesday Twinkler is a post from Fi at Life of an Ambitious Turtle. As parents, parking on the school run, it can get a little fraught and the temptation is to just part up anywhere, so long as you can get the kids in to school.  Fi is sharing an open letter to all parents about how this affects her as a a wheelchair user and I would urge you to pop on over and have a read as its a good reminder to us all about parking more considerately.

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Gratitude Journal #37


New Dishwasher
With the changes being made for our new kitchen and the pantry, we have been able to get a dishwasher in the kitchen in the space that was previously occupied by the washing machine.  D's brother kindly loaned us an old one he had but that broke, just as we were getting used to not having to wash up. We've brought a new one, which we will be able to integrate into the new kitchen, when its eventually done.  So I am very grateful to have a new, working dishwasher!

Good as new Dyson
We've had our Dyson since we moved in to the house over four years ago and in that time its been fixed twice under the give year guarantee. This latest fix has seen it fitted with a new motor so its like having a new machine.  I won't hesitate to buy a Dyson again as we use it daily (with two children, two cats and a dog, I'm conscious of the carpets looking grubby!), so I think we've done well with it.

Recovering well 
I'm grateful to be recovering well from my op. My stomach is covered in bruises and I'm still very tender but the stitches have healed well and, despite being exhausted, I'm back at work.

Quiet Weekend
This weekend has been a quiet one with absolutely no plans and it has been really nice. Even nicer, both the girls have been lovely this weekend with no tantrums and playing well together. In fact, Sunday they spent most of the day glued to each other, playing in the garden, barbies, lego, drawing etc. Its not all that often it happens so I love to see it.

Why I find Father's Day Difficult

I have a confession to make and that is that I find Father's Day somewhat difficult.  

We always mark it, obviously as its a day for D. The girls are excited to give him the presents they've chosen at school and the present they've got him with me and they want to see his reaction to their handmade cards.  But for me, I find it a difficult day as it just reminds me how lucky they are to have such a great dad that adores them when I don't.  

In 2015, I shared a post about accepting the fact that it was time to close the door on a relationship that would never be what I wanted it to be.  That relationship was with my father. 

These days I rarely think of him but Father's Day is a difficult one.  Not particularly because I think of or miss him, but because I miss the idea of him, or rather the idea of having a Dad. Someone to rely on. A dad that does all those things you see and hear people talking about, particularly on Father's Day when they choose to publicly sing their praises and share their gratitude.  

Instead of singing his praises, I spent the day, as I have spent many previous Father's Days, soaking up my little family and reminding myself of the following: 

  • I am not a bad daughter.  By closing the door, I have protected myself and the most important things in my life, my children.  They are none the wiser, I genuinely cannot remember them ever asking about whether I have a Dad or not and I hope it stays that was for as long as possible. 
  • My experience with him has shown me the qualities and people I don't want in my life.  
  • He doesn't care about how I think or feel about anything in life, so why should I do the same of him?
  • Good has come out of this in that I have two great siblings and their Mum, who was once my Stepmum.

Closing the door on a chapter of your life can be a difficult decision but for me, the right one.