Friday, 13 January 2017

Can We Fix It? Yes We Can!

If you are a homeowner, you will know all about the everyday maintenance and repairs that come with owning your very own property. You may be very tempted to call out some handymen to come and help you with all these little jobs but, as a matter of fact, that isn’t always necessary. It may save you some time, but it can work out very expensive and could lead to you unexpectedly in debt! But why call out the professionals when you can do these small jobs yourself? Not sure you can? Well, to coin a phrase from good old Bob the Builder - Can we fix it? Yes, we can! Here are some jobs you should be able to do on your own.


Convert Your Loft Space
Do you want to make some more space in your home by adding an extra bedroom to your loft or attic? This may sound like a big job, but it isn’t particularly difficult if your attic is already in a good condition. However, if the attic has been neglected for a few years, it may require some minor building work carried out. You can make sure you don’t spend by finding a quote for the work on sites like My Build Estimate. But if your attic is in a pretty good condition, you will just have to clear it out and decorate it appropriately.

Dealing With Doors
All the wooden doors in your home may not be exposed to the elements outside, but there are still certain factors that will affect them. For instance, if they haven’t been fitted with enough space between them and the frames, they might end up swelling. If you notice that there is some resistance when you try to close the door, the problem could be swelling. To fix this, simply take off the door and sand it with a carpenter’s plane. If you have a door that squeaks or sticks, the hinges might be oxidising. To solve this, simply cover them with a thin layer of lubrication.


Unclogging A Toilet
By now, you should really know how to unclog a toilet. This really doesn’t require a plumber’s attention! It is a job that you can do in just a few minutes. First of all, make sure that there isn’t a foreign object that has made its way into the toilet by accident. If not, you should use your plunger to try and clear the blog. If that doesn’t budge anything, pour a kettle’s worth of boiling water into the toilet bowl and let it sit there for a few minutes. Then start plunging again. Hopefully, the heat from the water will have helped to loosen the blockage.

Bob the Builder is a very hands-on character and someone who you should definitely try and take some inspiration from! If you start to do all these jobs yourself, you will find that you save yourself a lot of money by not hiring professionals. So, after me: Can we fix it? Yes we can!

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The Things I think about watching Fireman Sam

There's a saying I've seen being banded around a lot recently, something along the lines of how easy it is to parent before you actually have children. We think we know exactly what we will do and how until the child is here and you have to deal with the reality. For me, I was certain that I didn't want our children watching too much TV and I had grand ideas of everything I would do with them each day.  Now I look back and laugh at just how naive I was. Some days, when the kids have had you up all night or you're just fighting to get through the day, popping the TV on so you can have a hot coffee is the only way.  That said, I think we've perhaps been watching too much Fireman Sam as recently I've been paying way too much attention to it. What I want to know is: 

How does Dilys keep the shop open when there's never any customers in?

Is Pontypandy the most dangerous place to live in Wales?

How did Elvis ever become a fireman?

Why are there so few firemen there and how can they all go to the same jobs? 

Does Station Officer Steele actually do anything?

Will Trevor and Dilys ever get it on?

Why is Norman still allowed out on his own with all the fires he starts? Why aren't social services involved?

Why does Fireman Sam always have to play the hero? Does anyone else get to taste the glory?

How many times has Penny come close to thumping Sam one for telling her how to do her job?

How many times are they going to rescue Lion before they decide they're wasting their time?

Does anyone else actually live in Pontypandy? With no cars or pedestrians is it a ghost town?

Do the kids ever go to school?

Why doesn't Trevor pay more attention when he's driving the bus?  

The most important question though? Is Norman Sam's secret love child? Fellow red-heads, and never a mention of any Dad?

Gah. I really need to get out more! 


Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Feel At Home In Your New Property: Steps To Make It Perfect For Your Family

When you first buy your own family home, it ca be hard to think of it as home. It still feels like it belongs to the previous owners and it can be hard to make the adjustment to living in, and thinking of, the new house as your humble abode. That said, there are a few ways you can do to help make the transition feel much quicker, so here are a few steps you can follow to make the new home feel perfect for your family.

Add some personal touches
One thing which can give the new property a homely feel is some personal touches. After all, at this current time, it might just feel like a property you are staying in for a while. Therefore, it’s time to get those pictures out and put them on the wall. These will help to show who is living in the property to the outside world. And when you see the pictures, it will definitely put a smile on your face. As well as photos, you might want to put up drawings that your kid has done. You ought to add this to the fridge where it used to live. And other personal items to your family such as wedding certificates, family heirlooms, and awards would also be great to put in the home. It will make it feel more personal to your family and help the kids adjust to the new humble abode.

Invest in some new furniture
Your new house can feel quite bare when you first move in. And it can feel like it still belongs to the old owners. Therefore, if you want to feel at home in your new property, you should invest in some new furniture. These items will help to create the perfect homely feel in your new property. You might want to head to the local stores to find some fabulous new furniture. Or you could look online on sites like Direct Furniture Land for new pieces for your property. Once they arrive, your home will be on the way to being perfect for your family members.

Add some cosy features
One way you can make a property feel like home is by adding some features which make it feel cosy. For example, you might want to add some candles around the house. These can make you feel a lot more relaxed in the home. And if you go for scented candles, you will also enjoy the lovely smells in your home. You can also make the home feel more cosy by adding plenty of cushions and blankets around the home. You can put these on the sofa or on the bed to give the house a more homely feel for your family.

Make memories in the home
A lot of people forget that it’s about the people and the memories why a property feels like home. So if you want to make your new property feel just like home, you should start making memories in the house. Invite people over and have a housewarming party. You will look back and smile at the memories made in your house. And have family dinners together in the home; you will soon find you feel right at home in your new humble abode.

And remember to repaint the home when you move in. Going for colours that you love will make your family feel at home in the new humble abode.

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Sunday, 8 January 2017

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Looking forward to our new bathroom

One of the first jobs we decided needed to be done in 2017 was the bathroom. Originally it wasn't high on the list of priorities but with the shower leaking through to the kitchen ceiling and leaving the hallway walls damp, we really had no choice.  As it is, I hate our bathroom with a passion so I'm glad its worked out this way.  Here's some of the reasons why I'm so glad to be saying goodbye to the current bathroom:

So long floor to ceiling tiles! 

I don't know what they were thinking but the floor tiles are white and the wall tiles a black marble effect and they are vile.  Who would put black wall tiles in a bathroom? It looks dated, grubby and makes the bathroom feel cold.  The floor tiles aren't much better, the dark grouting makes them look dirty and they are mismatched where someone has obviously had to pull some tiles up and didn't have enough of the originals to put back down. 

A breath of fresh air
At the moment, there is no ventilation system in place. When we've had a shower, everything mists up and is covered with condensation so we have to open the windows to clear it.  Not ideal in the winter!  

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Hello Bath! 
Whoever designed the bathroom obviously wasn't a bath fan. Instead we have a shower which is fine but you know those nights where you've had a long, stressful day and feel like unwinding in a hot bath.... I can't wait to be able to do that again!  We ordered a large roll top bath which looks divine and I suspect it will feel like a novelty for the first few weeks. As well as being able to unwind in the bath, I'm also looking forward to being able to bath the girls rather than having to shower them.

At the moment, bathroom storage is severely lacking. We have a crappy grey tiered trolley which is flimsy and doesn't look very nice.  I'm not a fan of having everything out on display either as it can look very untidy and quickly gathers dust and with everything being so dark its immediately noticeable. We have ordered a sink vanity unit and separate cupboard to replace it and I'm looking forward to having the bathroom surfaces somewhat cleaner. 

Oooh,Shiny and new!
I don't know how old the current bathroom suite is but as well as looking tired and dated, no matter how much I clean or what I use, the bathroom looks grubby.  The bottom of the shower is discoloured, matter how much bleach I use. The wall fittings (toilet roll holder, towel holders) are all brass and aren't fitted particularly well.  It will be nice to replace them with something smarter and clean looking!

D has made good progress over the Christmas break, having ripped out the sink, bidet and shower.  Most of the wall and floor has also been stripped of tiles.  We did have a slight mishap tonight, with that leak mentioned above being to blame. When I say we, I do of course mean ME.  D has had the bucket that I use to wash the floor propped under the shower incase of leaks so I went up to swap it over so I could wash the kitchen floor but as I leant to grab the bucket, the chipboard beneath my foot snapped and my foot went through. The chipboard was where the previous leak was and was obviously a fix-up from a previous problem as the rest of the floor is floorboards.  Needless to say I bent the pipe underneath, it started hissing and water started dripping out. Luckily I knew where to switch the water off and phoned D to give him the good news.  Once again, I'm very thankful that D is capable of doing so much around the house. I'm also very thankful that I didn't go through the ceiling, especially as it was just me and the girls at home, although as I write this my foot feels quite swollen and tender. Within an hour of being home from work D had it fixed and the water was back on. Phew!

With all the suite fittings ordered and with us, all is left now is for us to decide on the smaller fittings and tiles which are, so far, proving to be a sticking point but I can't wait to be able to share the finished bathroom with you.

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