Tuesday, 20 November 2018

Twinkly Tuesday | Featuring Mummy Here and There

Happy Tuesday! I hope you've all had a lovely weekend and a good start to the week!  My week's started with the food shop and collecting my glasses... its all go here!  

First things first, please excuse the scruffiness of this post. My laptop charger has packed up and what little battery i have left is being used to do an update that has pushed Its way through. So I'm sat typing this on Es tablet which keeps trying to autocorrect everything i write! I'm hoping to tidy it up when I make it in to the office.

Its now the middle of November and I'm definitely starting to feel the chill in the air. I've even dug my gloves out! Despite quite liking the colder weather (mostly!), I do find thatch mood can drop quite a bit with the nights drawing in early and the lack of sunshine. Mummy Here and There has shared a really helpful post with tips to help us beat those winter blues. I have to say that for me, getting outside, even if for only a short time, really does help me.  What helps you? Find the post here - 


Monday, 19 November 2018

Gratitude Journal #7

Carpet Cleaner
My darling little pup has been a bit of a bugger again, eating the cat litter and giving himself diarrhoea!  I'm very thankful this week for the carpet cleaner! 

Last week I had the opticians and I'm a little disappointed that I've now got to wear glasses "most of the time".  I collect my new ones shortly and in the meantime, I've been wearing my old ones to get used to having them on.  Previously I was told to wear them for driving so its felt a bit of a change but I'm glad I've started wearing them as its amazing the difference its made to me!

T's Teacher
I haven't shared it here but we've been having a challenging time with T recently.  Last week we had a parent's meeting and I raised some of the issues with her teacher, who doesn't have the same issues at school!  Despite that, she was really helpful and made some suggestions to help us solve them.  Its so good to have a teacher that really listens and helps and is proactive.  One of the things I wanted to discuss with her was T's speech, she struggles to correctly say some letters. The teacher was already on it and told me that they were already working with her twice a week (without T realising) to help improve it.

I'm enjoying work at the moment. I'm working with someone new after quite a long time of being on my own in the office and we get on really well together. She does the marketing and I do the social media so we work quite closely together. Another colleague said how well we're working together and how our ideas are coming together and that's really nice to hear. Its good being able to go in to work and have someone talking to me and having a laugh whilst we work. My previous colleague would often sit with his headphones on and not say much, which was hard work and made any conversations near impossible.

Sunday, 18 November 2018

Silent Sunday

(I feel like this photo needs explaining! I think a certain pup has been at the cat litter tray again. We went shopping yesterday and came home to find he had an upset tum. So. Much. Diarrhoea. I was up several times with him last night and have spent today feeling like a zombie. He sleeps in our (tiled) hall so I left him in there this morning but he was feeling a little sorry for him. So I wrapped him up in a towel, incase of accidents, and brought him into the living room for a cuddle. He soon settled and fell asleep, as he's done most of today. Its a different story tonight - he's been humping the cat and running around the living room so I'm pretty sure he's on the mend.)

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Tuesday, 13 November 2018

Twinkly Tuesday | Featuring The Desperate Housewife

Hi all, welcome to this week's Twinkly Tuesday!  I hope you've all had a lovely week. Its been a busy week for me with work and I expect more of the same this week as it starts to ramp up for the Christmas period.  No complaints though, I would rather it was busy than quiet! 

This week's Tuesday Twinkler post comes from Tracey at the Desperate Housewife who shares her noise issue at home courtesy of her little ones. Its a post I think all parents can relate to - I know our home is certainly noisy but boy do we miss it when they aren't here!

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Confessions of a New Mummy

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Confessions of a New Mummy

Monday, 12 November 2018

Gratitude Journal #6

T and E were a little disappointed when we told them we weren't going to be doing fireworks at Nanny and Grandad's this year so we dug out some leftover fireworks from last year and Nanny and Grandad grabbed a few more.  We had a little firework display in the garden, followed by dinner there.  E really loved watching them but T wasn't as keen and disliked the loud noises and ended up going back inside with Nanny.

Discharged from the Oral Surgeon
I had a follow up with the Oral Surgeon following my appointments and CT scan last year regarding the lump on my jaw. Thankfully it hasn't grown much and as the numbness isn't too bad it can be left rather than removed. I say thankfully as it is sat on a nerve and if it is removed, I run the risk of nerve damage.

This weekend I've got out with the girls and Buddy on both days and we've covered almost 5 miles.  It wore them all out and I had a lie in on Sunday until 8am. Bonus.

I like to think I'm a loyal friend but I don't have many friends and not many that I see very often. It doesn't worry me too much, I like to know that I can trust the few friends I have and don't have to worry about living in each others pockets. As with many Mums though, its usually a case of saying we must meet up soon and not actually getting to do it - life gets in the way for one reason or another! This weekend I had a really nice message from one of my friends that I've not seen for a good few weeks, despite our children going to the same school.  It came at just the right time and for that I'm grateful.

Dinner cooked for me
D came home from sorting the animals last night to say that his parents were having a roast dinner and she had plated a meal up for each of us.  Its always lovely not having to cook - or wash up and I'm certain I'll enjoy it tonight!

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