Sunday, 28 August 2016

Silent Sunday : 28th August 2016

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Saturday, 27 August 2016

E is 4

Last week saw E turn 4.  How is that even possible?

4th birthday

On her actual birthday we had a little tea party at home with family. She spent the afternoon playing with T and her cousin. The following day we went to Banham Zoo and apart from it being a little too hot for us, had a lovely day out.  

She had some lovely presents including books, playdoh, clothes, a playhouse for the garden and a Fireman Sam set. We somewhat stupidly got her an Elsa Singing Doll with Microphone, which she had been asking for since Christmas. What is it with noisy kids toys, why don't they have volume controls?! 

E at 4 (just):

-  Loves Paw Patrol, Fireman Sam, Hey Duggee, Topsy and Tim and anything with Frozen on it. 
-  Loves being outside, whether its at the park or in the garden.
-  Likes to make people laugh.
-  Finds burps and anything poo/trump related very funny.
-  Thinks its hysterical to call us 'poo poo pants' (can't wait til that one passes!)
-  Wants a cuddle in bed with me every night at bedtime and on the flipside, has a cuddle in bed with Daddy in the morning.
-  Flips between loving to play with T and not wanting her anywhere near her. 
-  Her favourite foods are dough balls, popcorn chicken and pizza. 

It seems crazy that this teeny 4 year old of mine is due to start school in September. Its going to be strange not having her with me during the non-nursery days and I know that everything is going to change. Some days she seems so grown up but when I check on her before I go to bed, her toy goatie next to her and her bum up in the air, its like I've been punched in the gut and I'm instantly reminded of the baby days.

Happy birthday E.  

Saturday, 20 August 2016

Losing our way in Sandringham

Rather than have a full week off work during the school hols, D has been taking a day off here and there. Last Friday he took the day off and as the weather was nice, we made a trip to Sandringham, along with half of Norfolk, so it seemed.

When we got there we decided to head straight to the park and let the girls have a play before deciding to have a little walk, which is where I made the fatal mistake of leaving the pushchair and bags with snacks and drinks in.  

After the girls had played we decided to follow the blue trail and off we went until it seemed we were going too far out and away from the trail - it should have gone on a loop as it was only a mile but it seemed to be going right away from where we needed to go.  And so we turned around and set back, only for D to choose a route slightly away from the original one and.... well, you can tell where this is going can't you? Yes, we managed to get oh-so-slightly lost.  Not so lost that we didn't see anyone but more that we found a few cars parked up in secluded areas having picnics. 

In the end as we started to come across a few more people, we checked we were getting back to the park and boy was it a relief. It only took 8,000 steps and an hour of T asking 'Mummy, car juice and lunch' (getting more irate as she did so) and E either asking to be carried or saying 'I think we're lost Mummy'.

That's the last time we go for a walk without the pushchair or drinks. And as it turns out, T was hungry. We went to the cafe afterwards and she ate 2 jelly pouches, a cheese sandwich, crisps, some chips and part of a burger, as well as demolishing two drinks! 

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Monday, 15 August 2016

5 Surprising Things Which Change In Your Life When You Are A Mummy

Having a baby is a huge decision for couples. New routines, the lack of sleep and the burden of responsibility, amongst other things, put couples under a lot of emotional and financial stress. Apparently research has found the average couple spends over £10,000 on their child every year - yikes! But regardless of this, every Mum I've ever spoken to would happily tell you that having children is the best thing that will ever happen to you. Of course your life does change in a huge way when you have a baby, there's no missing that. Here are five surprising things which change in your life when you are a mummy.

5 Surprising Things Which Change In Your Life When You Are A Mummy

You become healthier
One major thing which changes in your life when you are a mummy is that you become healthier - you need to look after yourself so you can stay in great health to look after your baby. You want to be around for years to come to take care of your child as they age. As you are cooking for everyone else, your diet is likely to change. You want your child to be healthy, so you have to lead by example.

healthy, lunch, meal

You care more about sleep
Another major thing which changes in your life when you are a mummy is that you care more about your sleep. When you are younger, you don’t need to worry as much about how much sleep you get. However you have to get up for your baby, so you need to get as much sleep as you can. Any sleep you do get when you are a mum needs to be good quality. A lot of mums try and get into a regular sleeping pattern so that they can sleep around their child’s bedtimes and attempt to get as much rest as they can before waking up with their child. They may also make changes in the bedroom, so they have a great night’s sleep and might look at changing their bed and mattress, so it’s a lot more comfortable. You can look in stores or search online to find a hypnos beds stockist- anything to help you get a great night's sleep should be investigated!

5 Surprising Things Which Change In Your Life When You Are A Mummy

You stop thinking about material things
An additional major thing which changes in your life when you are a mummy is that you stop thinking about material things. You don’t care as much about the latest clothes and gadgets, as you would rather spend the money on your baby. A lot of mums often set up a savings account so they can save money for their kid’s  future. You will find you become a lot more selfless when you are a mother.

5 Surprising Things Which Change In Your Life When You Are A Mummy

You become closer to your family
Another major thing which changes when you become a parent is that you become closer your family. You have a wealth of experience and knowledge to draw on and you may have that one person who is always someone you can go to when you are worrying about your child. You appreciate your own parents and realise what they once did for you.

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And, of course, as a Mum you worry a lot more but with so much responsibility on your shoulders, its completely normal to do so!

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Friday, 12 August 2016

Newborn baby products: The Useful v The Useless

A new baby brings about a whole new way of life. Things completely change, but of course, they change for the better. You just need to get your head around being a new parent and all that it brings. Before the baby arrives, you will want to get as many things in place as you can. Other than the obvious, like a cot, Moses basket and a pushchair, what items should you get? There are so many things out on the market that it can be hard to tell. Here are some thoughts on the things that I think are useful and those that are useless!

Newborn baby products: The Useful v The Useless

The Useful

Muslin Cloths
These are a great idea to stock up on. They are cheap and are extremely versatile. You can get them in different colours and patterns so you can find them for varying tastes. They come in different sizes too. They can be used for breastfeeding as a cover, as they are light and thin. They can be used as burp cloths, and for cleaning up with. As they wash well and dry quickly, they are a must for any mum-to-be!

Scratch Mitts
When your baby is tiny, they might get a little dry skin. They want to itch and scratch themselves, but that could make it all worse. So scratch mitts or scratch sleeves are a great idea to prevent them scratching themselves.

Large Changing Bag
I think we are lucky these days that there are so many stylish changing bags out there. You will want it to look good, but it is more important that it will hold everything you need. When you are having your first baby, you might not realise how much you have to carry around. So look for one with plenty of space for nappies, wipes, changes of clothes and bottles. Having a pull or fold out changing mat is handy too. Then it makes being out and about easier, as you can pretty much change them wherever you are.

Newborn baby products: The Useful v The Useless

The Useless

Baby Bath
I know that this is something that divides the parenting world, but if we were to have another baby I'm not entirely sure that I would bother with a baby bath because in all honesty, I found it much easier to pop my two in the sink and support them there. The other alternative is to pop a small amount of water in the family bath and wash them there.

Nursing Pillow
First of all, if you decide to bottle feed, then this wouldn’t be worth buying in the first place. Second of all, if you are breastfeeding, it can be a little awkward to use use as you need to keep using your hand to make sure that your baby latched. If you need a little extra support, then a normal pillow or folded blanket will do the job just fine and will be much cheaper.

Baby Food Blender
When it comes to weaning, there are all sorts of things out there to try. But you probably have a lot of versions already at home. Something like a baby food blender is, in my opinion, a waste of time as a normal food processor or blender will do exactly the same thing!

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