E has been babbling away like a loon recently!

Ever since she started making noises I've talked to her and waited for a reply from her. We still do this and she seems to enjoy it. I kept saying Mama to her, in the hope it would be her first word "don't be disappointed if its Dada" people kept saying. At around 7 months she started to say Mama. I felt like I would burst I was so proud!

She also says Dada and makes a "Mmmmm" noise when she eats, particularly if its something she's really enjoying.

As well as Mama, I have been repeating other words to her since she was born and she has recently started to say "ca". I immediately thought she was trying to say cat as we have two, but D wasn't sure - it wasn't until the cats walked by her and she started kicking her legs and saying "ca" that he agreed!  Now she's saying "ca" and pointing at them.

So now we have:
  • Mama
  • Dada
  • Mmmmm; and
  • Ca
I wonder what will be next?

What were your little one's first words? How old were they when they first uttered them?

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