Threatened Miscarriage

I was in two minds as to whether to write about this or not but I'm taking a deep breath and here goes. 

As I've mentioned here and on Twitter, I'm pregnant. We announced earlier than the recommended 12 weeks as we had all of our family together for E's christening and wanted to be able to tell them all together. Not only that but because my pregnancy with E was fairly smooth going we thought we would be safe to do so. When we announced we thought I was around the 7-8 week mark.

Last week, on the Monday evening, we popped to Sainsbury's before going to Frankie & Benny's for dinner with my in-laws. I popped into the toilets and realised I was bleeding. Knowing that bleeding in pregnancy isn't unusual I carried on with the shopping and we went for dinner. During dinner, the stomach ache I had had on and off all day felt like it was getting sharper and I was bleeding more so rather than going home and keeping an eye on things (which was what I had planned), we went to A&E. 

My local hospital is the Queen Elizabeth in King's Lynn and each time I've been there (and that's quite a few times, including putting a pair of scissors through my hand and falling down the stairs last time I was pregnant) they have been brilliant. We were in A&E at 8.15pm and by 9.30pm I was on the ward being seen by the Doctor and Registrar. After an examination, they then scanned me to check the baby's heartbeat. It was such a relief to see and to hear the Registrar say it was a strong heartbeat. They then used the words "threatened miscarriage" which obviously instills a fear inside you and an appointment was made for a scan at the Early Pregnancy Assessment Unit (EPAU) for Monday (yesterday). It was, however, explained to me that the term Threatened Miscarriage is used for any bleeding in pregnancy.

The following morning I called the midwife for some advice as the previous night was a bit of a blur. I was told to rest as much as possible, not to be on my feet for too long, to try not to lift E too much and not to lift anything heavier than her.  The bleeding stopped and other than feeling tired and a bit 'blah' everything felt ok. 

It was a very, very long wait until the appointment yesterday. I did as I was told and got plenty of rest. Waiting in the reception area felt like a lifetime, but it was a huge relief when the sonographer showed me the baby and pointed out their heartbeat to us. It was also somewhat of a surprise when she told us that I was only 9 weeks (and 2 days!) as our calculations (and the midwife's) had me at 11 weeks. That would explain why the morning sickness is only just kicking in - I'll admit I was feeling quite pleased with not having had much and thought I'd dodged a bullet. Perhaps not!

Finger's crossed everything else will run smoothly from here on in. 

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