13 weeks Pregnant

Yesterday I hit the 13 week mark, although I already feel like I've been pregnant forever! One of the perils of finding out early, I guess. 

We had our 12 week scan on Thursday and after our earlier scare, it was such a relief to see the baby and to see that all was well. 

Since the scare, everything's been ok. So far (and at the risk of jinxing it!), there hasn't been too much in the way morning sickness (yet!) - every couple of days rather than 2-4 times a day with E. So far, the sickness has only hit of an evening, although I have had some nausea during the day. And if we're out and about for the day, using a public loo can be like playing a game of Russian roulette, I could do with investing in a mask to cover my nose! I'm also fully stocked up on heartburn remedies as the heartburn has been giving me a bit of grief. I think sometimes that this is what causes the sickness!

The main 'side effect' for me though has been feeling exhausted all the time! Some days, like today, I feel tired and ready to go to sleep from the moment I wake until bedtime. I've been trying to combat this by napping when E does but her sleep patterns have gone haywire with a combination of teething and cold - I can't wait for these teeth to come through!!

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