Review: What to expect when you're expecting

The kind folks at What to Expect recently sent me a copy of the official 'What to Expect When You're Expecting' book by Heidi Murkoff - I've unofficially renamed it my Pregnancy Bible. I was also sent a pregnancy workout DVD and the film which I will review separately.

Split into chapters it covers pretty much everything you can think of that is pregnancy related: 

Chapter 1: Before You Conceive
Chapter 2: Are you Pregnant?
Chapter 3: Your Pregnancy Profile
Chapter 4: Your Pregnancy Lifestyle
Chapter 5: Nine Months of Eating Well
Chapter 6 - 14: The First Month - The Ninth Month
Chapter 15: Labour and Delivery
Chapter 16: Twins, Triplets and More
Chapter 17: Postpartum: The First Week
Chapter 18: Postpartum: The First Six Weeks
Chapter 19: Fathers are Expectant Too
Chapter 20: If You Get Sick
Chapter 21: If You Have a Chronic Condition
Chapter 22: Managing a Complicated Pregnancy
Chapter 23: Coping with Pregnancy Loss

My Thoughts

  • My first thoughts were that I really wish I had had this book to hand during my first pregnancy! There is so much information contained that I think it would have answered all my questions as a first time Mum.
  • One of the features I particularly like is the month by month chapters that have questions and answers to things that you might be wondering about (e.g. page 201 has a question about nasal stuffiness, which I experienced last time). The baby's development, what you may be feeling and what to expect at checkups are amongst some of the other information they contain.
  • There is a section regarding birth plans (page 293) which is useful. Whilst I did prepare a birth plan last time, this does have some points that I had forgotten about and will be sure to include this time around.
  • I wish I'd read Chapter 15 (Labour and Delivery) before having E! Everything was so unknown and I'm someone who likes to have an inkling of what will be happening. Yes, I knew I was having a baby but I would have liked to have known a little bit more about things - induction, fetal monitoring, episiotomy and the stages of labour.
The biggest 'selling' point for me would be that this book is so easy just to pick up and dip in and out of. You can look up the information you need and put it back down. Rather than searching online for it, where you can get pages and pages of results, most of which will be irrelevant, its clear, expert opinion which is to hand when you need it.  

Just to be clear: I was sent a signed copy of 'What to Expect When You're Expecting and 2 DVDs to review. All words and opinions are my own.

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