When E was a few weeks old, people would ask me what she was like. She was a good as gold and I hoped it would continue and that was what I would tell people. "You wait until she's teething" was a common response. How right they were!

Now, don't get me wrong, E is still a lovely child - and not naughty at all - but Oh.My.God. Teething is hard work! I hate seeing her in pain and its fair to say I'm not a massive fan  (HUGE understatement!) of the whinging and tears that come with it. It's the constant not knowing if its the teeth giving her grief or not - when she's a bit whingy but there's no red cheeks or runny nose or dribbling. Do I give her Calpol and hope for the best or do I wait it out, when she will potentially be in more pain and even grumpier? Then there's the sleep. It's all over the place. Some mornings she's ready to nap at 10, others not until after lunch. Some nights she'll go to sleep 7-8pm, others she's still wide awake at 10pm.

So far, we're at 4 bottom teeth and 4 top, with bumpy bottom gums with what looks like another 2 ready to pop through. Needless to say, I'm hoping that they pop through soon so that E gets back to her usual, happy (and sleeping properly!) self!

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