How I Discovered I Was Pregnant

It's safe to say that when I found out I was pregnant with E, it was a shock - not just for us but for our family and friends too as we had been together for 12 years! (That makes me feel very old!).

On the 25th January 2012 I brought a pregnancy test. It wasn't that I thought I was pregnant but that I was having problems with my periods and was due to attend a hospital appointment to start looking into it. My periods had been irregular and I had suddenly missed some so I had made a list of my symptoms and on a whim in Boots picked up a test to show them that I knew I couldn't possibly be pregnant. 

At home that afternoon I did the test whilst tidying up in the bathroom and almost forgot to check the result.... you can imagine my shock when I saw the faint blue lines. Thinking it couldn't be right I popped out to get petrol - and pick up another test - when I spoke to the chemist, who confirmed that it did indeed look like two blue lines.  I booked an appointment with the Doctor the following morning and, needless to say, did the other test.  That night, I kept quiet. I didn't want to say anything to D until I had seen the Doctor. The next morning I was up and in work early, making my excuses to pop out to the Doctors. 

The appointment itself was a blur. My Doctor told me that if two tests were showing positive then I most likely was and this was confirmed with a third! I was ushered out with instructions to speak to the receptionist who handed me the Bounty pack as I left - this was enough to get me into a state! They aren't exactly small and I had parked directly outside the office window so somehow I managed to shove it in my already overloaded bag and cover it with my coat, putting them in the car before returning to the office.

Sitting at my desk, I struggled to concentrate on anything and didn't make it an hour before telling work I was unwell and needed to go home. I got home and paced, wondering how to tell D.  I phoned him at work and asked him to go somewhere private where he wouldn't be heard on the phone. I struggled to find the right words and so just blurted out that I was pregnant. D laughed - not the response I had expected! It turned out that he was worried I'd crashed the car! 

How did you discover you were pregnant? How did your partner react?

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