Baby Brain

This photo was taken on the 15th October 2012. E would have been approximately 10 weeks. Every time that I look at it, I am reminded how far we have come since those early days. 

We had had a pretty restless night previously and its fair to say I was shattered. My mum had come to stay for a few weeks and so we decided to go shopping and have lunch out.

Baby Brain

I knew it was going to be one of those days when we went in to Mothercare to exchange an outfit E had been given (it was a size too big and summery so she wouldn't get any wear out if it). That was all well and good except the outfit wasn't from Mothercare but Boots. I was mortified but needless to say the shop staff found it hysterical! 

So after doing some shopping we decided to get lunch as E was getting restless and needed feeding. We went to Prezzo in King's Lynn. At the moment our lunch arrived, there was a very loud noise from E's direction, followed by an unmistakeable stench. This is where everything went wrong! Firstly Prezzo's had nowhere to change E, we had to do it on the floor of the restaurant (luckily for other diners we were sat near the back). And then comes the moment when you realise every single item of clothing needs changing. And you forgot to bring the spares. I was very thankful for the cardi I had earlier taken off E and the blanket. That and Primark a few minutes away! 

Ever since then I have been pretty good at remembering spare sets of clothing! 

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