Christmas outfits

Christmas 2012 was E's first Christmas. She was 5 months old so obviously didn't understand what was going on but that didn't stop us going mad buying her Christmas outfits to wear! There's something very addictive about buying baby clothes.

I brought her four outfits - a reindeer, penguin, Christmas pudding and a patterned Christmas babygrow. Granny brought her a Mrs Claus dress and Nanny and Grandad brought her an elf outfit as D's favourite Christmas film is Elf! 

Then there were a few other bits. Her Auntie brought her a "First Christmas" top and bibs and her Great Auntie brought her a pair of reindeer booties. As I said - we all went a bit mad!

This year, I've tried to be more restrained, but its difficult! I keep eyeing up some cute tops in Next and have to drag myself away - why are Christmas clothes for children so cute? So far we've brought a dress (shown below) and a robin jumper, both from Primark.  And there's a red pinafore dress with reindeer that Grandad brought her - see, we're all as bad!
I'm determined to start some Christmas traditions for E and her sister (it feels a little strange typing that!) and this is the first. Christmas outfits for December.  Do you buy your children Christmas outfits? Do you have any other Christmas traditions?

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