Guest Post: Fun Outdoor Activities for Kids this Winter

When we were young, games consoles and computers were considered a treat, and the rest of the time we were outside playing on our bikes, jumping in puddles, having snowball fights or making sandcastles at the beach. Whatever the season, we were outside getting fresh air and working up a swear so that when bedtime came, we were utterly shattered. Now, children would rather stay in, given the choice, and it just isn't healthy! Stuck for ideas? Here are a few to get your little ones begging for playtime!

Collecting Bits of Winter
Pinecones, holly, snowdrops and mistletoe are some of the most beautiful things winter has to offer to nature. Get the kids out gathering nature, plus a few indoorsy bits such as tickets, old Christmas cards and whatever else they can find, and when they are done you can warm up while making a winter collage. Galt Toys have a cracking range of craft supplies to get you started.

Make a Snowman
Grab a carrot, a scarf, a hat and some stones and build the ultimate snowman. The whole family can get involved and if you are feeling super creative, why not try and recreate your favourite TV character. With his round tummy, Homer Simpson might be a good one to try!

Take a Walk on the Wild Side
Most local nature reserves are open all year round to the public, and the winter wildlife will be out and just as beautiful as ever.  Take the kids for a walk to see all these awesome sights. For the extra-prepared parent, you might like to search online to find out what kind of things you can all expect to see while you are there. Most nature parks have some information on their website to give you a helping hand.

Dig out the Sledge
When the local slopes (usually little more than a hill in a field) are coated, sledging can fill an afternoon quite easily. If you don't have a sledge, cardboard works just as well for a while at least and can be a cheap, cheerful alternative which you just pop in the bin afterwards!

Bubble Blowing
We thought blowing bubbles was for summer in the park, but we were proven wrong! Blow them in winter and watch them turn to ice before your eyes! This is also a little educational, as children will learn about the change between water and ice.

Build the biggest snowball ever
We are used to rolling a snowball for the body of a snowman, but why not just keep going? Roll it as big as you can every time it snows and see just how big you can get your snowball. Run out of snow? Pop your giant snowball in the sledge and find the nearest park to continue your rolling. Keep the kids fit while having fun!

With all outdoor activities, it is important your little ones are dressed for the part. Wrap them up snuggly, and when you bring them home later, make sure you warm them through with a warm drink, a warm bath, a hot meal and some cosy pyjamas. Enjoy!

About the Author - This article was written on behalf of Galt Toys who have 175 years’ experience in toys and education. Galt know a thing or two about designing toys & craft activities to encourage children to learn through play...and also have fun!

This is a guest post on behalf of Galt Toys.

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