Pre-Baby Days - Things I Miss

Whilst I LOVE being a Mummy and pretty much everything that comes with it (except dirty nappies and projectile vomit, but I'm sure I'm not alone on that?), there are a few things I sometimes miss from my Pre-Baby days:-
  • Hot drinks - lukewarm tea or coffee just isn't the same, especially when its the first cup of the day.
  • Not having to share my food - WHY does my food always taste better? It's not just chocolate or sweet things either, anything seems to taste nicer from my plate.
  • The occasional late night - now its a case of getting to bed as soon as I can and get as much sleep as I can before E wakes.
  • Sleeping in of a morning - fat chance. Even on the occasions that E wakes late, I'm still up early and attempting to get myself ready for the day before she does wake.
  • A full night's sleep - even if E sleeps through, I don't. Whether its D snoring or that I need to get up for the toilet (again).
  • Not having an audience when I go to the toilet - apparently, there's something fascinating about Mummy going to the bathroom.
  • Taking my time to do odd chores - if E is asleep, its a mission to complete a task before E wakes up!
Having said all that...... I wouldn't change it for the world!

Is there anything you miss from those days?


  1. hahaha!! I so miss going to the toilet alone...Ohh and having a soak in the bath without someone coming in to ask silly questions....hehehe