25 Weeks Pregnant

Today sees me hit the 25 week mark!  Some days, it seems to be whizzing by and others, dragging - that tends to be the days when I'm feeling completely exhausted! This morning I had a mini panic. In 15 (ish, depending on when she arrives!) I'll have 2 children under 2. 2 under 2! How will I manage?!
I'll be honest, some days I'm finding being pregnant a struggle second time around, probably as I'm also looking after E. I'm trying to take advantage of her nap times to put my feet up and have a nap myself, if I can. The main thing I've been struggling with is tiredness and lack of energy. I feel so lethargic and its a real effort to do anything some days. It doesn't help that both E and D have had coughs and colds over the last few weeks (all cleared up now, finger's crossed it stays that way!) and E has been teething. That, combined with me needing to get up numerous times during the night for the loo, means there have been lots of broken night's sleep.

When I was pregnant with E, by 25 weeks I was really struggling with pelvic girdle pain ("PGP"). Up until the last week it hadn't been too bad but its definitely starting to niggle now. I'm keeping my finger's crossed that it doesn't get too bad as the week before having E I was on crutches for it.
What I am really struggling with this week is back ache. I've had a couple of days where it has been so bad it is hurting when I breathe in. If any one has any tips for helping with this they would be gratefully received!

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  1. We have three kids aged 1,2 and 3 we found the hardest pregnancy to cope with the second one as its very difficult with a babe I arms so to speak.