Guest Post: 5 Ways to entertain children on a rainy day

Children stuck indoors on a rainy day can be a nightmare situation for many parents. Despite the array of games and electrical equipment at their disposal in the modern world, kids can still claim that they are bored. Finding something to occupy them can be a stressful experience and often a test of patience. This quick guide will look at some useful ways to entertain your children on a rainy day:

It may sound like an obvious solution to a common problem but edging your children to complete any spare homework is often a suitable answer. It is obviously natural for youngsters to want to play and chill out in their spare time. However, rainy days provide the perfect opportunity for them to get cracking on a weekend task or holiday project. Take the time out from your own schedule to help with their homework as much is appropriate.

Movie Days
Kids love being plonked in front of the TV when their favourite films are on so this is a great way to keep them content. On the plus side, movies take up more time than regular television programmes so will interest them for longer. Set up a cosy place on the sofa with blankets and cushions around for them to lounge on. The market for children’s and family films is massive with Disney classics, modern-day epics and everything in between to choose from.

Get in the Kitchen
Setting aside an hour or two in the kitchen is a fantastic way to spend time with your children and get their creative side going. Not only can they have a great time helping you bake a cake or put together a trifle, they can also pick up some really useful practical skills too. Instructing them on how to complete tasks in the right order and add ingredients in the correct measurements will improve their cooking skills in the future. What's more, a tasty treat will be the result of your hard work at the end of it all. 
You can get more ideas and help from the sites here:
Invite their Friends Over
In Britain the chance of it raining at certain times over the holidays is somewhat inevitable. With this however you can plan with other parents about having their children over for a play date. Purchase and set up games for them to take part in together. These can include art and craft supplies, colouring and activity books, jigsaw puzzles, decks of cards and board games. Of course, there are also an abundance of computer video games which can keep children happy for hours on end.

Be Imaginative
If all else fails and you children are still not finding anything to do, try coming up with creative and original ideas to provide entertainment. For example, build an indoor ‘fortress’ between furniture items with spare sheets and pillows. Plan out ‘scavenger hunts’ around the house with goodies, this will keep them busy and use up energy at the same time. Also don’t forget to use the internet as a platform to both entertain and educate children over a number of skills.  

For more help on this and some inspiration on what to use you can check out these websites: 
A rainy day may change your plans, but it shouldn’t ruin your day; these are just a small selection of things you can do to keep any of your own raindrops from falling!

This is a guest post on behalf by Simon Bowers.

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  1. Great ideas! We love Movie Days....Especially this time of year! A great excuse to watch Christmas films.