30 Weeks Pregnant

30 weeks! I'm feeling massive, I have back/hip ache and I'm feeling tired, as you can see by the bags under my eyes.  I've noticed my skin has been very dry and looking dull so I'm trying to take extra care of it by adding Bio Oil to my usual skin care routine. Hopefully I'll start to notice a difference soon. 

So, the next week is a busy one! 

We have an appointment with the anaesthetist. Why, I'm not quite sure - I know I want an epidural and they know they can get the line in as I had one last time, so it'll be interesting to see what is said. I remember last time I told them I didn't want an epidural and wanted to keep as mobile as I possibly could - the anaesthetist had this massive grin on his face and chuckled saying "they all start off saying that".... how right he was!

Two days after that appointment I have my 30 week scan followed by an appointment with the Consultant. I'm really looking forward to seeing baby wriggling about on the screen and I'm interested to see which way she is. At the last midwife appointment she was confident that baby was head down - I'm pretty sure that I have felt her turn around since, so it'll be good to see if I'm right!

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