30 Week Scan

Last Monday I had an appointment with the Anaesthetist. It was the same Doctor I saw when pregnant with E. He was nice enough but it felt like a wasted appointment for both him and me. We had a few minutes of small talk which ended with me telling him I definitely wanted an epidural. He thought that this would be a good idea in case of any issues arising as they would be able to deal with my pain relief quickly rather than giving me a general anaesthetic.

He was also kind enough to look at my file from E's birth at my request to see if he could tell me why it was left for so long before I was operated on when I had the haemorrhage. He couldn't (or perhaps it was wouldn't) tell me anything I didn't know but he did agree that there was an element of me not having been listened to and suggested that I could ask for an in depth look of my notes and for someone to write to me responding to my concerns. I still haven't decided whether to do so or not.

On Wednesday, I had the 30 week scan and an appointment with the Consultant. What a palaver! My scan was fine, nice and clear. Baby was moving lots and we could see her touching/playing with the umbilical cord- very cute to see. The sonographer confirmed that she still looks like a she too - I have visions of being told we were actually having a boy! 

I then saw a midwife who took my blood pressure, checked my wee sample and had a quick scan of my notes before I saw the Consultant, which is when she told me that baby is breech. I thought she might be anyway as I was sure I had felt her turn and when I sit up in bed at night there's a definite head shape beneath my ribs! E was breech until the week before she arrived so I'm not too worried just yet as there's still plenty of time for her to turn. And hopefully stay turned! The midwife briefly mentioned that if she hasn't turned they can do it manually but I'm not too keen on this idea so I've decided that I will book in with my acupuncturist for moxibustion if needs be. After being kept waiting for another 30-40 minutes, I saw the Consultant. That also felt like a wasted appointment, it was about 5 minutes and felt like a box ticking exercise. He did mention that baby is measuring slightly large (around 4lb 2oz at the time of the appointment) but again, I'm trying not to think about that as they said the same with E! I think with being overweight it is harder for them to judge.

I have another scan and Consultant appointment booked for 34 weeks. Hopefully then we'll be clearer as to what position baby is in!

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