32 Weeks Pregnant

I had a check up on Friday with the midwife - all the usual things: wee sample, blood pressure, measuring the fundal height and having a feel of my stomach. That was rather uncomfortable! The student midwife wasn't 100% sure of which parts of baby were where so my usual midwife had to double check. The night before my appointment, I was having a feel of my tummy and said to D that my left side felt much harder than my right and I thought that was where she was, particularly as that's where I seem to feel more discomfort and pain. Well, according to the midwife, baby is currently positioned with her head under my left rib with her feet towards my right hip. I was quite pleased to hear that as it means I'm in tune (if only a little!) with what's going on in there!

We discussed what would happen going forward. As mentioned in my 30 week scan post, I have another scan booked for 34 weeks. I'm then seeing the midwife again at 35 weeks and if baby hasn't moved she'll book me in for a further scan at 36 weeks to check her position. If she still hasn't moved by 36 weeks I will then be booked in for an ECV at 37 weeks - apparently this is done on the delivery suite and I'll be given a muscle relaxant. I'm disliking the thought of this the more I hear! 

Last week felt like a real struggle, mainly because I have been so tired and E hasn't been napping very well, if at all. She has been on the go from the moment she wakes until bedtime and then, because she is over tired, she takes ages to wind down and drop off to sleep. In the early weeks of this pregnancy, it used to be that she would happily lay on the sofa with me, having a cuddle. Now though, she wants to be on the go. All. The. Time. I'm (very!) hopeful that this will resolve itself soon enough, but who knows! I'm trying not to (and failing miserably, it has to be said) get stressed over this but I can't help but feel 17 months is far too early to be dropping naptime altogether. 

I'm hoping this week will be easier. As I write this, I have E next to me, asleep in the buggy. I took her for a walk and within a few minutes she was asleep. This meant I could get my tax return completed, as well as a few other items!

I feel as though my belly has suddenly popped out even more overnight. My belly is feeling very heavy and I'm pretty sure I've had a few Braxton Hicks - which reminds me, I really must get my hospital bag packed!

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