For us, mealtimes have really been hit and miss and often a struggle.

We started off well with weaning but things then fell a little by the wayside. Whilst I was happy making meals for E and giving her things to try, I had been keeping a few ready made pouches in the cupboard. Within a few weeks, she was point blank refusing to eat anything from a pouch or jar.

We had been doing quite well with getting her to try different foods and flavours but she then became a bit tougher to feed and very temperamental as to whether she would eat anything or not. At some meals she wouldn't touch anything at all and others she wouldn't eat anything for 5-10 minutes and then she would decide to eat. Sometimes she wants to feed herself and others, she's happy for me to help. 

We then went through a phase of refusing to eat breakfast, which was a blast. And that's not to mention her refusal to touch any fruit or vegetables.

This is the one stage that I really haven't been enjoying. I hate cooking anyway but cooking for someone to throw it on the floor and/or refuse to eat it is very frustrating! As an example, the other week (it was a Monday evening) I made her a pitta bread pizza (with a hidden vegetable sauce, cheese, ham and sweetcorn). She screamed and cried at it and threw it on the floor. Her Nanny made her the same on the Wednesday and she wolfed it down - what's that all about?!   think a lot of it boils down to the fact that she's too busy with walking, playing and exploring to want to be sat down, eating, as well as wanting to do things for herself.

At the risk of jinxing things, we appear to be turning a corner. She has started to actually try more fruit and vegetables and in the last week she has eaten good sized meals, packed full of vegetables! She's eaten green beans, cabbage, potatoes, carrots, sweetcorn and celery. This is the child that was refusing to even touch mashed potatoes until recently. I've also picked up a couple of toddler meals (Ella's Kitchen) for when I'm short of time or just too tired to properly cook - the Chicken Curry was a huge success. 

How have you found weaning your little one? Have you enjoyed it?

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  1. Luckily the weaning process for us so far has been good, L is 7 months but we began weaning him at 4 months as he was a very hungry baby. He loves his solids although we did have a phase not so long ago where he wouldn't have anything sweet, no fruit, custard, creamed rice or even a fruit flavoured ceral but wolfed down his dinners and savory. This didn't last too long though and now he loves his fruits. I'm really enjoying this part so far and hopefully his enjoyment of it too won't change either! I find the refusal to eat sooo frustrating!! xo