Review: Mothercare 2 Position Baby Carrier

In my babywearing post, I referred to the Mothercare 2 Position Baby Carrier which we used alongside the Close Caboo. This followed an incident with a practically exploding nappy and an upset baby who had no sling to calm down in. So off we trotted to our local Mothercare in the hope that they might have something suitable.

At the time, it was towards the end of the month. Money was a little tight waiting for my maternity money to come through and I didn't want to spend a fortune on a new carrier when I wasn't sure how much it was going to be used.

I decided upon the Mothercare 2 Position Baby Carrier after trying it on in the shop. The assistants were very attentive, helping me to adjust it correctly and helping me to lift E in it correctly.
 What appealed to me about this carrier was:
  • E could face me to begin with and then face outwards if I wanted her to (she always faced me).
  • Lumbar support and wide padded shoulder straps helped to keep me comfortable. 
  • The price - only £24.99, which was perfect as I didn't know how much I would use it.
  • There was a small white cloth which was removable - this stopped E's face sticking to my chest and it also protected me from any sick or dribble (surprisingly useful!)!
  • It was machine washable.
  • Adjustable straps meant that I could adjust the sizing as E grew.
  • Baby's arms can be put above or below the top pad of the carrier.
  • It didn't need much adjustment to fit me and I'm confident I could still have worn it had I been slightly bigger.

Whilst I loved using the Close Caboo, this was the carrier I used whilst out in the garden. Whilst outside, I was more conscious of how she felt against me and I felt that she was sturdier against me in this, particularly if she was in her snow suit. The other big bonus was that I was able to wear this over my coat, rather than having her underneath, meaning that I could keep warmer in the cold winter weather! The other bonus that I should mention is that E would also fall asleep in this carrier quite happily!

If you like the look of this carrier, at the time of this post going live, Mothercare are selling it for £14.99.

Just to be clear - this is not a sponsored post. It is a review about a product that I have used and wanted to share with you. Mothercare have kindly allowed me to use some product information and images to share with you. 

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