Big Changes: Milk, Bottles and Nap Time

E has always loved her milk. Always. If ever I couldn't settle her, milk would always do it.

Despite numerous attempts and the fact that she would happily drink water from any cup, she would never drink it from a cup. We tried several to no avail and so I had resigned myself to allowing her to drink it from a bottle until we needed to stop.

We had gotten to the stage where I was unsure as to how much milk she really needed now so I dropped her morning bottle and she was fine with this. Because she would only nap or go to sleep after having her milk I was really rather worried about stopping either of these. She was happy to have her bottle from me but at the end of last year/early this year she started to refuse it when Nanny and Grandad looked after her and within a couple of weeks she started to refuse all milk.

Part of me is quite pleased as I know some Mums have huge problems getting their children off of a bottle and reducing/stopping their milk. Part of me is also quite sad, as its another reminder that she's no longer a baby. Ideally though, I would still like her to be having some milk but she's having none of it. She refuses it out of any cup. I've tried her with warm milk, cold milk and flavoured milk and she refuses to touch it.

My big concern with her dropping her milk was nap time and how to get her to settle. Initially she was fine and there were no problems but the last fortnight has been a different story. Despite being completely shattered she has been determined not to nap! My usual trick of putting her on my lap for a cuddle just hasn't been working and after the first week I was at the end of my tether. It's not the lack of nap that I mind so much, its the whinging, although since being pregnant, nap time has been a chance for me to also nap if needed or just to put my feet up and switch off - E has had other ideas. I'm not sure if its just sleep regression or whether her teething is playing a big part in things - she has 6 at various different stages of coming through!

So this past week has seen me waiting for her to get (very!) tired and taking her for walks (leaving her in the pushchair to sleep when we get home) or getting in the car so she snoozes. It's a bit of a faff if we have nowhere to go but SO worth it for the rest!

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