Big Changes: Uncle J & Bedtime

Since Christmas, as well as stopping her milk, there have been some other big changes too: 

Her Uncle

Since she was four months old (the only reason I remember is because of a photo I took when she was sat next to him, crying!) she hasn't liked her Uncle J. What it was, I don't know but she would have cry and scream and be unsettled if he was anywhere near her. Nice and relaxing when he comes for dinner once a week, wouldn't you agree? Just before Christmas though, it was like a switch had been pressed. She started to stand near him, smile at him, took chocolate from him (yep, she wouldn't even take chocolate from him before) and even pushed him away when he got too close to her. When he came over on Christmas Day she was happily playing with him, running around the dining room, being tickled and picked up and she's been fine with him since.

Bedtime and a big girls bedroom

Another biggy, for us.  E is now out of our bedroom and in her own. If we weren't expecting another baby I'm not sure we would have made the move yet but we had to do it so that she had time to get settled and not feel like she had been pushed out. 

We wanted to avoid buying another cot if we could and I took some advice from family and friends. We decided to put our spare double mattress on the floor for her to sleep on. Once she is used to being on a mattress and in her own room, we will start to properly look for a bed for her.

She's been in her room for quite a while now and it's gone well. I take her to her bedroom and set up the nightlight, baby monitor and star projector and leave her to play for a while. The big lights turned off and she potters about with her toys for 10-15 minutes. Once she's had enough, she stands at the gate waiting for me or Daddy to go through to her. 9 times out of 10, its Daddy she wants to go through to her (which is fine by me as I'm exhausted come bedtime!). He'll lay on the mattress with her, she'll climb over him and cuddle and then lay down next to him, often watching the stars and often kicking him, so he'll rub her feet!

We can't believe how well she's been sleeping and how quickly she adapted to the new routine. When she was in her cot, she would wake because she had dropped her dummy and we would have to settle her, sometimes several times during the night. Now, we've been lucky to have quite a few full night's sleep and the most we've had to go through to her is 3 times (and we think the pesky teeth have played a part in that).

Sometimes I look at E and its like a blow to the chest when I realise just how big she is getting and how quickly she is changing and growing up. She's no longer a baby. Her personality and sense of humour are really shining through. She's very cheeky and will get frustrated if she doesn't get her own way, although it doesn't (usually!) last for long. She's lost her stork marks on the back of her neck and forehead, which makes me sad - we used to call the one on her forehead her beacon as it would go bright red when she was crying or frustrated. Having said that, its lovely seeing her change and grow up and I can't wait to see her being a big sister.

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  1. When my twins started using a bed they had a mattress on the floor and it was great. Such a great idea to avoid bumped heads! Glad your little one is settling well.