The MAD Blog Awards 2014

When you first have a baby, everyone's interested and wants to know how you're getting on. They want to see photos and hear about their first few weeks and then the interest dies away. Or perhaps that was just my experience. Following E's arrival and maternity leave, I found myself reading lots of great blogs and I started to follow a few mummies on Twitter. It was good to have other mummies to dip in and out of conversations with, who understood if you couldn't reply to them straight away or needed a random vent without them thinking it meant more than it did.

In June last year, I decided I'd start my blog. Not that I necessarily thought anyone would read it but I thought it would be a good way for me to babble away about my life as a new mummy and to record some of the things that E does. In short, it was something for me to do. I'm not an 'every day' blogger, sometimes its hit and miss and sometimes they're short and sweet. Sometimes I'm not even sure that anyone is reading it but that's OK. 

Having said all that, apparently someone is reading as I've today found  that my blog has been nominated in the Best New Blog category (see here for the full list of nominations) in the MAD Blog Awards. I'm thrilled - recognition is always nice, let's be honest!

So, to whoever nominated me - thank you. 

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