38 Weeks

2 weeks until my due date!
I've been extremely grumpy and irritable this week. Everything is annoying me. I saw the midwife yesterday and had a grumble to her. We finally managed to track down some blood results and my iron and haemoglobin levels were all normal so she was pleased that they weren't to blame. We're both of the opinion it's being so close to my due date and running around after E that is to blame.

Everything has been fine since Monday, bar lots of little twinges and a deep, dull backache which comes and goes. I've found some sickness has returned but I'm not sure if that's from the heartburn that is refusing to budge or just general "blah-ness". The birthing ball is getting lots of use in the hope that it helps get things moving along. No such luck so far.
My next appointment with the midwife is 40 weeks. I hope she wasn't too offended when I told her I hoped I wouldn't be seeing her then!

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