My Afternoon...

Its a running joke within the family about just how clumsy I am. I'm always tripping or walking into something - a few years ago I was doing up a chair and managed to put a pair of scissors in my hand (just missed the nerves and required several stitches). And when I was 18 weeks pregnant with E I managed to fall down the stairs.

Today (well, this morning) was gorgeous weather wise so I took E out in the garden to feed bread to the chickens. We have a large field for the animals which is surrounded by an electric fence so because she's still a bit flighty if we're out I popped her in the buggy, so she didn't touch the fence.  That was all well and good but as we neared the end of the bread I got a short, sharp shock from the fence. I thought I was stood far enough away but apparently I misjudged where my belly was in relation to the fence and took a jolt to the belly. I've touched the fence a few times, it always scares the hell out of me and stings but it doesn't really hurt. To be honest, I didn't think much of it until I spoke to D 10 minutes later when he told me to call the midwife.  Several phone calls later, with different midwives and the hospital, and this was my view:

The first midwife I spoke to had never heard of anyone touching an electric fence in pregnancy and didn't ask any questions. The second I spoke to called me back after overhearing the first phone call and asked me lots of questions before telling me she would refer me to the hospital. Honestly, I've never felt quite so daft!

Anyway, long story cut short. Following a trip to hospital to be monitored, all was (is!) OK. Baby was moving as normal, Braxton hicks were happening as they have been and after 20 minutes on the monitor all was declared fine. Needless to say I was strict given instructions to stay completely away from the fence for the remainder of the pregnancy!

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  1. Oh gosh what a horrible scare. Those fence do give a nasty shock though so always best to be safe than sorry!