Easter Egg Hunts

On Easter Sunday my brother-in-law and his family came over for an egg hunt. I don't recall ever doing anything like this when I was growing up so it was lovely watching E and my niece running around the garden.

Eggs were 'hidden' around the garden with little markers (e.g. bunting, little windmills) to show them where to find the eggs. 

At 20 months they were too young to properly understand the clues but they soon realised to put the eggs in their baskets! It was very cute to see them collecting them and sharing them between them.

The only downer was the weather - cold, dull and windy.
The weather on Easter Monday couldn't have been more different. Having scoured the internet to see what was on, we decided to pay a visit to Oxburgh Hall, a local National Trust property.

We signed E up to do their Easter egg trail. She had to look for small pictures in the courtyard of sheep and make a note of the letter on the back to make up a phrase. Obviously she was far too young to do this properly but we 'helped' her along the way. It was very funny when we got home with her egg - I popped into the kitchen and let her carry the egg into the living room with Daddy. By the time I went through, she had almost eaten ALL of the egg and as I went to take it off her, she tried to share it with me - she never willingly shares chocolate! I was torn between taking the egg from her and taking a photo of her chocolate smeared face!

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