Guest Post: Top 10 Nappy Don'ts

(Be warned, the article contains poo... lots of poo!)

As Nappy Gurus we all love cloth nappies, that is just a given! But what about when things go wrong? Here we discuss the Top 10 things not to do with nappies, and our fabulous customers share some hilarious anecdotes with us about Real Nappy do do's and Real Nappy don't don'ts! Enjoy!

Nappy Don't #1

Don't forget to take your changing bag, even on a short trip to the park!

My DH took my youngest out to the park but forgot to take a change bag. He was faced with an explosive up the back horror (in a bumgenius flip). He cleaned my son up with ... his sock! Used his jacket to wrap his bum and then sprinted home! - Sarah, Facebook

Now that is a dedicated Daddy! Always remember to pack your changing bag with a spare nappy, wipes and wetbag, just in case of poo-name disasters!

Nappy Don't #2

Don't leave other people a pocket nappy without prestuffing it with an insert!

Zoe tells us:
My Mum put a fleece liner in a pocket nappy as the insert... funnily enough J was wet within seconds of weeing! Bless her.

Aw, at least she had a go! If you are leaving your little one with someone who is unfamiliar to the style of nappies you are using, make sure the nappy is ready to go straight on, to avoid any confusion. Many a Daddy have been known to put a pocket nappy on without using an insert, so if in doubt don't leave it out!

Nappy Don't #3

If you are using fitteds, remember the waterproof wrap!

We co-sleep and I woke up to a very damp patch when we were first starting to use cloth... OH had put a Stretchy on without a wrap! - Liz

Fitteds are great nappies when high absorbency is needed, for example, night times. The whole nappy is absorbent and waterproofing PUL is not built in so a waterproof wrap is needed or you will find a damp patch! This can definitely cause nappy confusion for those less familiar with cloth if you normally use all-in-ones or pocket nappies during the day!

Nappy Don't #4

Make sure the nappy is correctly fitted to avoid leaks

Charlotte tells us of her disaster:
We were in a well-known cafe in the town centre with another Mum and her LO. My little man (about 9 months old at the time) decided he wanted a feed so I settled to feed him whilst we tucked into our drinks. What I hadn't realised was that the top of his nappy wasn't fastened snugly enough and as he fed, buckets of liquid poo had been dripping onto the floor and lay in a huge puddle at my feet!!!! I attempted to clean it as best I could with some wipes, but I'm afraid to say I ducked our without telling the staff (too embarrassed!!!!). Needless to say, I have never been back....

But fear not Charlotte, you are not alone!

I have had a similar experience, only it was in the doctors waiting room and it was gushing down my legs and into my shoes!!! To make matters worse the loo was out of order and to make it even more embarrassing, I had to clean the mess up myself!! - Lynz, Facebook

To avoid embarrassment (and extra laundry!) make sure that you have fastened the nappy correctly, and snugly so that you don't have any unwanted leaks, especially when you are out and about! Oh how the thought of poop dripping into ones shoes tickles me though!

Nappy Don't #5

Don't put the nappy on backwards!
This is one of our common causes of complaint! I think being a cloth user, we can sometimes forget that the little things just aren't as obvious as they seem! We know of many parents who had made the mistake of using the nappies backwards and had a couple of product reviewers write fantastic write-ups on products only to discover that they had been using them backwards! Of course, this really says something about the product if it functions well back to front, but still…always ensure that if anyone else is changing a nappy, that they know which way is the front and which way is the back. A demo usually helps!

We’re still quite new to fluff, and so far my OH has only changed a handful of ‘real’ nappies and already he’s put them on back to front 3 times! - Jennifer, Facebook

Nappy Don't #6

Don't leave a toddler in charge of the washing!

Even our Gurus have disasters, as Anna tells us!

My toddler likes to "do the laundry". I had put his soiled nappies in the machine to do an initial cold rinse but the phone rang and I forgot about them. He put the machine on the dry cycle - I came back to the smell of cooking poo :-/

Make sure you start the washing machine as soon as the nappies are put in the machine to prevent toddlers trying to 'help'!

Nappy Don't #7

Don't forget to take your nappies home!

Don't leave a whole wetbag full of dirty nappies at the nursery when you pick little one up... on a Friday... when no one is there on a weekend... and you don't go back till Tuesday - Jemma

Make sure you take your nappies with you after nursery, crèche or other childcare, otherwise be prepared for a stink when you get them back! Similarly, don't leave your wetbag full of precious nappies on the bus... particularly when they are well loaded, that would give the bus driver a nice surprise at the end of his shift!

Nappy Don't #8

Don't splash out on a custom nappy without trying one first!

We haven't had anyone own up to this one, but have seen it happen! Don't get your little ones name on a nappy that might not suit your child at all, you might not be able to sell it afterwards! Also, make sure the name is spelt correctly!

Nappy Don't #9

Don't leave your nappies in the car on a hot day!

Another common one, which leads to a very stinky car. Even worse if you have a long journey home!

I have  to admit to this one... I had been complaining for days about a stench in the car and even blamed it on DS filling his pants at one point. I later discovered a bag with a horrendous nappy in the boot of the car - cue flashback to earlier in the week when we had a poo-nami event whilst out and about and resorted to changing it in the boot of the car for lack of toilet facilities! Poooo-eeee! – Laura, Fill Your Pants

Nappy Don't #10

Last but not least, don't forget the most important one of all...

Don't throw your real nappy in the rubbish bin!

When we first switched I did change Immy and put a cloth nappy in the bin - Grace

More Pant Fill, Less Land Fill - put them in the washing bin instead of the rubbish bin!!

This is a guest post by The Nappy Gurus in support of Real Nappy Week (running 28th April - 4th May 2014).

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