Every baby is different.... how true that is proving this time around. 

Since her birth, T has been very unsettled. I've assumed all along that colic is the culprit but my gut instinct has been telling me that something isn't quite right. My previous experience with colic was of an evening, the same time every night. T's unsettled periods did seem to be of an evening but it quickly became of a morning and afternoon too. And although she is windy, there seems to be more to it than just wind. This has made the weekdays, with D at work, very long and hard. There have been days when he has come home from work and I've locked myself in the bathroom, just to have a little weep and have 5 minutes break. 

Over the last 2 weeks it has gradually got worse and I just didn't know what to do with her. Of course we've had quiet periods but those periods of discontent have increased massively. We've tried Infacol (helped her burp a little) and Colief (didn't notice a difference). Although I'm mostly breastfeeding she does have some formula and pumped milk so we changed our bottles from Nuby to Dr. Browns which also seemed to help a little. 

And she is hungry but won't take more than 2-3oz at a time and then wants more within an hour or two. She'll settle in my arms after a feed but often screams if I try to put her down in her swing or cot, or even if I lay her on the sofa or bed next to me. 

I've been trying to wear her in the sling to help calm her down but she's having none of it. Unlike E who would happily stay in it all day, so far we haven't managed more than 10-15 minutes. I'm trying to persevere with this because I loved wearing E and it makes life so much easier!

Last week after a long day and an evening where she cried solidly for over 2 hours, I took her to the out of hours Doctors who diagnosed reflux. They prescribed Infant Gaviscon and we noticed a difference within a few hours. That's not to say that the problem has been fully resolved. She's still unsettled but we seem to be half way there...

(As I write this, she has been asleep in her swing for the last couple of hours without waking wanting a feed. Its like a little miracle - ok, slightly melodramatic but it has meant I can get on and do a few things).

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