14 Weeks

I can hardly believe that T is now 14 weeks. 14 weeks!

I won't lie, they haven't been the easiest 14 weeks of my life. I've found T to be much more demanding than I remember E being, whether that's me looking back with rose-tinted specs on or just the fact that I also have E to look after, who knows.

As well as Gaviscon we are also giving her Colief which has had an amazing effect. Prior to the Colief she would still be having long periods, on and off, of screaming and discontent. The drops are added to her milk and honestly, it's like we have a different baby. She's happier to sit in her chair with her toys rather than being held all the time... although she still does like being held quite a lot! We had tried it early on but we didn't notice a difference as she was yet to be diagnosed with reflux.

She absolutely hates having a wet or dirty bottom. As soon as she's filled the nappy, even if its the tiniest amount, you know about it. And there's no point in me trying to drag it out and make her wait - she will scream and scream until it's changed.  And she's the same with her milk. If she decides she's hungry, that's it, there's no placating her. Luckily, I'm pretty good at spotting when she is hungry as she's mostly a 3 hour feeder during the day.

Dare I write this and jinx things? Oh well - mostly she's very good at sleeping through the night. I know I'm very lucky with this and she's been doing it for a few weeks already. The only downside is she will insist on waking between 4 and 5am to be settled down again with her dummy and rabbit (which has a heartbeat sound). She used to go straight back to sleep but she's just worked out that she can roll herself over so that's been keeping her amused. She also seems to have just worked out that she has a voice and boy is she keen to use it. She babbles away from the moment she wakes! 

One of the best things though is her smiles. She's such a smiley baby and it covers her whole face, her eyes light up. Its lovely. She is just starting to chuckle too which is just as lovely - if I say 'Mama' repeatedly too her she seems to find this quite funny. She's also just worked out that she can flip herself over if she's on her tummy.

I think possibly the nicest thing though is watching her and E together. Every morning without fail, when E comes in to our bedroom she will always stop by the cot and put her hand through to touch T and talk to her. Throughout the day she will stop, stoop down and give her a kiss or touch her to make sure she's OK. Its one of the sweetest things to see and I can already imagine what they will be like as T gets bigger. I suspect there will be lots of mischief ahead of us.

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