Days Out: Church Farm

As Nanny was looking after E's cousin this week, we decided to go out for the day and headed to Church Farm.

We decided to take my double pushchair to use between the 3 of them and see how we got on. As it was, T spent most of the time in it and E refused to get in it at all, preferring to walk and her cousin didn't get in until we were ready to leave. 

We've been here a few times before and have enjoyed it but this is the first time that E has been able to walk around. Some of the animals she wasn't 100% sure of  and she wouldn't touch any of them but she still had a good look.

I really loved the donkeys. I've always loved them. When I used to stay with my god-mother she would take me to the Donkey Sanctuary in Devon and I loved it. Not that I want any more animals but I would love a couple of donkeys....

We stopped for drinks and treats for the girls. They didn't have any highchairs available so the girls sat on the chairs and again, I couldn't believe how well behaved E was. I wouldn't normally dare to sit her on a chair for fear of her running off! She looked so grown up sat at the table...

As well as the animals, there is quite a large outside play area. There's an area with tractors which the girls played with for a while but they were far more interested in the trampoline, especially E! It was the first time she had properly been on one and she was running around, doing a jig and giggling away.

I honestly couldn't believe how well behaved E was. I didn't put her reins on her and she either walked alongside us or held Nanny's hand the whole time. She didn't try to run off. This is unheard of!

As the farm is quite close to us we'll no doubt be visiting again in the future. I'm sure as her confidence grows she'll be more interested in touching the animals and getting closer to them.


  1. Lovely photos and bless little E for being so sweet and having great fun exploring and playing. Thanks for linking up and sharing your fun with Country Kids.

  2. This place looks wonderful and looks like you had a fun day!