E's First (proper) haircut

Today, E had her first proper haircut. And by proper, I mean by the hairdresser and not me trying to trim her fringe in front of Peppa Pig (I hate that pig but it is rather handy sometimes!).
I had to go and have my fringe trimmed and asked if I could book E for in a trim. As it was quiet my hairdresser said she would give it a go then. She warned me that she might only be able to snip it a couple of times, if at all and that often toddlers wouldn't even sit on the seat. So I crossed my fingers, popped E on the chair, on top of a couple of cushions, handed her a packet of puffits and off we went.

I was expecting lots of fidgeting, whinging and climbing on and off of the chair. There was only a little fidgeting, no whinging and no climbing. I was so impressed with how well she did, it was a complete success! For any mummies taking their toddlers for a haircut - I highly recommend a bag of 'something' to keep them occupied!

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