A Quick Tour of the Girls Bedroom

Today, I thought I'd give you a look at the girl's room.

When we discovered I was pregnant, this was actually our living room (we currently live with D's parents and are lucky to have a good amount of space) so we have had to have a few changes before we could even look at decorating the room. Our current living room was a craft space for me (I'm now lucky enough to have my own little studio in an out-building) and had to be emptied. So the room wasn't actually emptied, let alone decorated, until E was nearly a year old.

I was quite clear on the style I wanted, having spent far too much time on Pinterest, putting ideas together on my 'Home Inspiration For Kids' board. I wanted it bright as it is an attic room and it can get very dark, particularly in the Autumn and Winter months.

I knew I wanted it girly but not in-your-face girly so I purposely avoided pink for the walls because chances are, over the next few years the girls will want anything and everything pink. I choose turquoise as it is my absolute favourite colour and it can be teamed up with lots of different colours to create different looks.

The room has two doors, one which leads to our bedroom and the other leads through to another room which has stairs in so we have locked this door. The walls look a little bare at present and there is a lot of free space. It's very tempting to fill it all but because T will be moving in here in the coming months we need to keep the space free as we may need to move things around.

The double mattress will be replaced with a new bed for E, when we eventually get around to looking for/ordering one for her. I'm very tempted to wait and order two together.

Most of the room was moved around when I was pregnant. I couldn't decided where I wanted everything so kept moving it, I don't think D was too impressed at me moving everything! The changing unit and wardrobe are from the Mamas and Papas Rialto collection, as is the cot (not pictured, as it is in our room). The bookcases are from Ikea - those were also put together whilst I was pregnant. The Silver Cross pram was mine, as was Tigger and the chest of drawers that you can see in the bottom left of the picture.

This photo's a bit deceiving really, it looks nice and tidy but the reality is that toys are normally all over the place, as they should be - a home with children in should look lived in, not like a show home, in my opinion.

There should also be a chair where the pile of cushions is but as E is very much a climber we decided it would be a good idea to remove it for the time being. I had visions of her using it to climb over the child gate or to climb on to the unit.  The changing unit is actually blocking an old fireplace, partly to stop E playing with it and partly to prevent any draughts coming through.

I really like groups of pictures/wall accessories grouped together and was keen to create something along those lines in the room. These are above the changing unit but you will see I have started to put some on one of the other walls. The fabric letters are from Babyface. The large parrot print is a sample of Quentin Blake wallpaper, I was very keen to use it on one wall but with not knowing how long we would be here, I didn't want to waste it! The bird print was from Courtneyoquist's etsy shop and I spray painted the frame, which was a charity shop buy (I have a few more to do, when I get time!). Finally, the trio of prints are actually cards I found in Paperchase

I'm keen to add some homemade touches so I've started to string together a simple felt ball garland and I have some paper pom-poms to make which I want to hang up in the corner, grouped together. I also want to make some bunting to go above their beds with their names on.... when I get time, that is!

So. That's their room. Bright and fun.

If any of you have shared your children's rooms online do let me know, I love to find new ideas (and have a nosey!).


  1. It's a gorgeous room and so big! Full of charactor and personality, and I love the home-made touches.



  2. Such a lovely space! I love your wall art, so unique!
    Visiting you from #mmwbh

  3. Wow a room with massive space! My son is four but we live in a small house so we co-sleep. You made a nice room planning here. #mmwbh

  4. Beautiful big space of a room. My boys are sharing a small box room whih crammed to the rafters it seems. But you make best of the situation you have hey. I love turquoise too. Nice and bright!! #mmwbh