Friday, 18 July 2014

What they wore #1

This week is, hopefully, the first of many link ups to Trendy Thursday, a weekly linky hosted by Medicated Follower  and Mothergeek's Trendy Tot Thursday, for bloggers who love to show off their children's style.
I am pretty much hooked on buying clothes for E and T. I try to rein it in a little but D is just as bad! Everywhere we go, we end up looking at clothes for them and more often than not come home with a little something, even if its a just a bib! And its not just us, very often their Nanny and Grandad and Granny will pick them something up, just because. So, between them, the girls have a massive wardrobe and I thought I'd try to share of it with you!
So, with no further ado, here's some of the outfits the girls have been wearing this week:

Trousers - H&M, top - Primark /  Dungarees - Mothercare / Dress - Primark
Babygrow - Mothercare / All-in-one - H&M, Sailor Suit - TK Maxx / Dress - Monsoon



  1. Some absolutely adorable outfits, I will admit I am loving the sailor dress most! Thank you for linking up and I hope to see you again soon #TT_Thursday. Bex

    1. Thanks Bex :) I'm a big fan of the Sailor dress too - it has a pair of bloomers to go underneath!

  2. Oh my goodness, I am loving your baby daughter's hair! My youngest had hair like that this time last year! He's nearly 14 months now..

    Really cute outfits. Sounds like you have the same clothing shopping problem I do - I look forward to more posts from you!



    1. Thanks Alex! Did you find everyone wanted to run their hands through it, almost as if it would bring them luck?! x

  3. Cute dresses. I remember wearing a sailor dress to my grade 3 clarinet exam at 9yo. They look much better on toddlers! #TrendyThursday


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