Thursday, 31 July 2014

What they wore #3

Taking a look at what the girls have been wearing this week and linking up to  Trendy Thursday, a weekly linky hosted by Medicated Follower  and Mothergeek's Trendy Tot Thursday, for bloggers who love to show off their children's style.

Actually, this week I'm just sharing the one outfit with you:

T-shirt - Next, Skirt - ME

A skirt! Made by me! I'm really rather pleased with/proud of myself.  The fabric is a Cath Kidston print and it was the only one that I could find easily without having to search through my fabric stash - it turns out despite the huge amount of fabric I have, I don't actually have much suitable for clothes making (this will need rectifying!). Its not a fabric I would normally pick for E but it looks ok. 

Its a very basic shape, nowhere near perfect but I'm still really pleased with it, particularly as I did it whilst both of the girls were awake and I didn't follow a pattern or measure it out properly, I just 'winged it'!  It was quite nice to make it though as I've not used my sewing machine for months and I miss sitting and making something. This was really rather quick to do too (maybe 45 minutes or so) and I suspect I will be making a few more!



  1. Well done on your skirt making skills! You managed more than I could ever imagine doing. Hopefully this will give you the motivation to make more, I would certainly like to see more of your creations. Loving the fabric too. #TT_Thursday

    1. Thanks! The motivation's there - its just finding the time and the little ones allowing me to do it lol! Hopefully I'll be able to share some more soon :)

  2. Wow that's fab to say you made it yourself! I wish I could be so crafty x gorgeous xx

  3. I love that you made the skirt yourself it's so cute and looks really nice on her! I wish I could do things like this but I can't even sew buttons back on things when they fall off!

    1. Thanks Tracey! Its just practice. My first sewing machine sat infront of me for a few months, I was that scared of it but I kept trying it and playing around with stitches and fabric and slowly but surely became more confident. Keep trying! :)


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