Days Out: Snettisham Deer Park & Sandringham

We're always looking for things to do and places to visit with the girls so when Groupon recently had a voucher for Snettisham Deer Park it seemed ideal.  We recently decided to visit so we loaded the car up with drinks, popped to Sainsburys to grab some food for a picnic and headed on our way.
I wasn't too sure what to expect, sometimes these things look better online than they are when you arrive but we had fun. 
We brought some bags of pig and goat food for E to feed them and wandered through the barn and farmyard to see the different animals. E was much more interested in the animals compared to our visit to Church Farm earlier in the week, although she still didn't touch any of them!

She was very taken by the sheep, putting straw into the pens for them! We spent quite a long time with the sheep and D and E fed a lamb.

T seemed to enjoy looking around her but did get rather grumpy halfway through. It was another hot and sticky day here and she was very hot and bothered.

I was very taken with the pigs that were wandering around the farm yard, I seemed to take rather a lot of photos of them! You can see from this photo that they were very friendly. A few of them followed E around the yard, which was very amusing! A member of staff told us that no matter how many times they try to keep them penned in, they just find another way of getting out and so they've given up on trying to keep them in. Apparently they never go very far or disappear for long as they don't like being away from their mum!

We spent quite a while feeding the goats and watching them. They were very much like ours - pushing each other about so that they could get the food and attention!

We didn't actually manage to see any deer though. The safari is in a trailer pulled by a tractor and we weren't convinced that E would sit still for the 45 minute trip. We got her on to the trailer only for her to start complaining so we had to get off again. We were told we could walk down to see them so we did attempt to walk down but after walking some way and with T by now screaming and very little in the way of shade, we admitted defeat.  I must admit that I would have quite liked to have seen some. 

My only criticism of the park was that it was a little grubby in places and the lack of shade. Other family farms we've visited have picnic tables and lots of areas in the shade whereas this park had none. Other places I've visited have animals that sometimes get loose but you don't see any mess around whereas E stood in some on a couple of occasions (not pleasant when she's wearing sandals!). There was a small craft area under a gazebo but it wasn't very nice to sit in as the tables were dirty with mud, food and drink.  Because of this, we decided to head to Sandringham to have our picnic.

I've never been so thankful to be in the shade of the trees. As usual, E loved having the freedom to run riot and did so until she was too tired at which point she stopped infront of D asking to be picked up. I love it when they just keep going until they absolutely have to admit defeat because they're so tired - it always means a good (good = early and speedy!) bedtime!



  1. It looks like a fabulous day out and I love it when you get a great deal on Groupon too!! Found you through Country Kids!

  2. Love the way the little piglets followed E around, it's a shame that you were unable to find a respite from the sun though and able to enjoy the trailer ride to see the Deer. The photos of E exploring and enjoying the space to run around are lovely, thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.

  3. Looks like a nice place. You can roam with the piggies! So much fun! #countrykids