Miss T's Birth

Well, I thought I would finally try to get T's birth story written down but it's taken me a lot longer than anticipated....
I had been convinced that T would be early but my due date came and I was still the size of an elephant. I had an appointment with my midwife which turned out to be a bit of a faff - D was supposed to be home to look after E so I could go to the appointment alone (nothing worse than a bored toddler when you have an appointment!) but he got the times mixed up (we're still 'discussing' who got them wrong. For the record, it was him.). So I had to race to the appointment, having waited for him to come home and take E with me. Needless to say, by the time we got there I was hot, grumpy and stressed and E was grumpy because I'd had to rush to get us ready. 
Despite lots of twinges that week, nothing was happening and I wasn't impressed so when I was offered a sweep I jumped at the opportunity. It wasn't the most pleasant experience I've ever had but needs must. After that, we hopped in the car and went through to see D at work and have lunch. And discuss who was wrong. Him. I was uncomfortable and still grumpy with lots of twinges but nothing more. 

That evening, after spending much of it on the birthing ball I work at 1ish feeling 'funny' but I couldn't put my finger on it. Before long, I started getting period pains which quickly turned into contractions. They quickly became stronger but I left it an hour before waking D.
I started to pace up and down, squatting at the end side of the bed which each contraction. Trying to do anything to stop myself from making too much noise and waking E. D started to time them. They started to come every 3 to 4 minutes and were becoming longer. I couldn't keep still, the pain was all in my lower back and hips, as it was with E. I called the midwife who told me it was very unusual for contractions to come on so suddenly and severely and to leave it an hour before calling back unless it got worse. We called back within half an hour and she told us to go in.
It seemed to take forever trying to get dressed as I was chewing on a towel through contractions so that I didn't wake E but we were soon on our way to the hospital, leaving E with my in-laws. I felt a bit of a fraud because we put the heated seats on in the car which helped to ease the pain but as soon as we switched the engine off, they were back with full force. It seemed to take forever to reach the delivery ward - there was lots of stopping and squatting and holding on to things during the contractions.
We were shown to the delivery room, which was actually the same room that E was born in and left to make ourselves comfortable (haha!) whilst waiting for a midwife to examine me. Within a short time, the contractions were 2 minutes apart. I was still waiting for the midwife and had to ask for gas and air. I made sure to tell them that I wanted an epidural when the time was right and shortly after that they gave me pethidine. And that's where things become a bit hazy. I don't like gas and air and it wasn't great when combined with pethidine (if I ever have another baby, I won't be having pethidine again). And it's because of that, I'm now switching to bullet points as I'm not entirely sure of the order of things:
  • When I was first examined, I was already 4cm dilated. Both D and I were both thinking that this labour would be much quicker than E..... oh how wrong we were!
  • I can remember talking nonsense, knowing I was doing it and not being able to stop myself. I was getting very cross with D and the midwife when they didn't know what I was going on about. 
  • I remember bouncing on the ball and holding on to the side of the bed when the anaesthetist came into the room and introduced himself as Dr Fox. He turned his back to me to wash his hands and I mouthed to D (I say mouthed, I suspect I actually said it rather loudly) 'Did he say his name was Dr Fox', to which he nodded and I had to put my face on the bed so that he didn't see me laughing.
  • I just don't get on with gas and air so I was sick. A lot. I just couldn't get the intake at the right time.
  • At 8cm my waters still hadn't broken so they had to break them for me and I shrunk back to 6cm
  • I was very drowsy and at some point fell asleep and work cold and shivering and D had gone to get himself a drink and something to eat! Apparently, the midwives were relieved at this point as I'd had the windows open and the fan on full blast as I had been too hot.
  • The first epidural I was given didn't work so I was given a second. With E, I could still feel a lot of pain but this time I couldn't feel anything. The Doctor and midwives were guiding me through the contractions, telling me when I needed to push and when I needed to pant. The Doctor told me I had to do it quietly, without grunting and screaming - I remember shouting at him that I couldn't do it quietly!
  • When she was delivered, they put her on me, to begin with, and I cried. A lot. I think it was as she was being checked over and cleaned up that they started to concentrate on me to prevent any complications with the placenta. I was given an injection and put on a drip and abdominal 'massage' was performed. I don't know why they call it massage, as its like no massage I've ever experienced, they pump and push all over the stomach to ensure all the placenta is out. It left me feeling pretty battered and bruised for days after.
  • I was absolutely mortified afterwards when the midwives told me how much nonsense I had been talking but even more so when one of them told me that I had actually grabbed her by the boob as I had a contraction. Apparently I hadn't done it in an aggressive way, more of a needing to hold on to something way - I felt dreadful!

 All in all, labour was 11h 37 minutes. So much for a quick delivery second time around!

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