Slimming World: The first 2 weeks

So as I mentioned in this post, I recently re-joined Slimming World.

My weigh-in day is a Wednesday so after my first weigh-in I went straight home and in between amusing the girls, looked through my books and put together a shopping list. When I've dieted previously, using Weight Watchers and the points system, I've always had lots of snack items in 'just in case'. This time around, so far, I've been very careful to keep lots of fresh fruit and vegetables and yogurts in. This time around, I'm trying to be more adventurous with my food. I'm determined to shake up what I cook as I very much stick to cooking what I know.

So far, I feel great. In my first week, I lost 5lb. This week, after having family to stay for a week and not following the plan strictly, I lost 1.5lb. So that's 6.5lb in two weeks and I can't grumble with that. I'm already wearing a new pair of jeans that hadn't fitted me when I brought them. Granted they are the same size, but they now fit!

I'm following the extra easy plan, here's some of the food I've had over the fortnight:

Fruit salad / Kallo blueberry and vanilla rice cakes with mashed banana (a great sweet snack for that mid-afternoon slump)

Homemade fish pie with salad/lettuce leaves filled with tuna, tomatoes, peppers, red onion
and fat-free dressing

Overnight oats with mullerlight yogurt and blueberries / salad with roasted butternut squash and egg

Honestly, I cannot recommend overnight oats enough! They're super filling and keep me going until lunch!

I'm still feeling very motivated and confident about achieving my weight loss goals this time around. Thanks to the lovely people offering their support, as someone who always struggles with their weight its been so helpful and I'm taking all the comments and advice on board.

Here's to the next couple of weeks and getting my half stone next week!

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  1. Brilliant week Kate, well done!
    Loving the photographs. I really do eat with my eyes so all that looks yummy..
    Good luck this week xx