What they wore #6

Taking a look at what the girls have been wearing this week and linking up to  Trendy Thursday, a weekly linky hosted by Medicated Follower  and Mothergeek's Trendy Tot Thursday, for bloggers who love to show off their children's style. (NB: Medicated Follower isn't blogging/hosting the linky this week as her family has been struck down with illness - sending you all lots of get well soon vibes! x)

This week, it's just some of T's outfits as it proved impossible to get any good photos of the whirlwind that is E!

Leggings and tee - Blue Zoo, Debenhams / Bunny print babygrow (set of 2) / Mothercare

Leggings and tee - Next
One thing I really love about having a second daughter is that she is getting to wear all of E's clothes and there's so many that she either never got to wear or only wore a few times before outgrowing them. The Next leggings and tee is one of those outfits that I loved!


  1. Love the next outfit, It's so good when you can re use favourite outfits, me and my sister done it with 3 of our girls and I am sure that some of them have now been passed down to my youngest niece too #TT_Thursday

  2. I only have one child, but his clothes have done the rounds too. Some to a friend (although her son's about the same size now they're both 3 as he's only 6 months younger), and most to my best friend for my godson. She sends me charity shop finds down (such better choices and bargains than down south), then I send them back up once we're finished!

  3. We are also fans of passing on clothes most of Leah's wardrobe either gets passed onto friends or goes to a charity shop. I am loving the last Next outfit, I recall a friends daughter wearing similar/same when her daughter was a baby! Thank you for linking up #TT_Thursday

  4. OMG the Bright eyed and bushy tailed outfit is stunning! it almost •ALMOST* made me broody!! Thanks for linking up with #TT_Thursday xx