Days Out: Banham Zoo

D is currently off work for two weeks and after much umming and ahhing over whether we would go away for a week we decided we would stay at home and have a few days out with the girls.

Yesterday we took a trip to Banham Zoo and it was one of the best days we've had out as a family! I was a little bit dubious when we first arrived, to be honest, as it doesn't look anything special from the outside. It's right on the main road and surrounded by residential homes and a few shops on the street. When we got inside, however, it was a totally different story and I was really surprised at just how big it was!

One of the first things that struck me was that despite tons of cars parked outside and a wait to get our tickets, it wasn't actually as busy as we expected, perhaps with kids going back to school soon. That's always a big plus, although it might just be because the site is set over a large space.

Anyway, once we were in, E didn't know where to start and was dashing from enclosure to enclosure to see what was there.

We took her little rucksack with us so that we could keep hold of her where necessary (e.g. when she went into the goat's enclosure for the 'close encounter') but on the whole, she walked alongside us and was happy to stay close.

It gave me a good chance to play with my camera. I've had it a few months but today gave me a good opportunity to try out the zoom!  When I was a child, my mum's ex-husband was based in The Falklands for a period of time and would always send me penguin postcards... I still love penguins now.

I was SO chuffed that this shot came out well as I struggled to make them out clearly just looking at them! We have a lot of wild deer where we live but its not very often we see a stag (I've seen one once, maybe twice in the nearly 9 years I've lived here).

Quite often when we go out for the day, T gets grumpy and very whingy, she'll want her bottle or nappy changed or just whinge and I don't have a clue what is wrong. She was brilliant - cooing and chattering away. I took my sling with me just in case and didn't need to use it until approx. half an hour before we left and as soon as I put her in it, she went to sleep!

E was rather taken with this enclosure and the red ibis inside. She spent a good 5-10 minutes looking at the birds whilst we sat with T on a nearby bench.

I'm not sure who enjoyed it more, me or E. We shall definitely be going back! 

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  1. Plenty of space and animals too - all makes for a great day out that the children will love! Great photos with your new zoom too, thanks for linking up and sharing your fun family adventure at the zoo with Country Kids.