Days Out: Cotswold Wildlife Park

Last weekend we took a trip to my hometown of Swindon to see my family.  It was great to get away but utterly exhausting! We've only attempted the trip once before and I remembered why when I started packing - there's SO much to take!! We stayed at the De Vere which was quite nice but the beds were incredibly uncomfortable and the room far too hot (meaning I woke up every hour or so), so it was a relief to get into our bed when we got home!

We managed to pack a bit in, seeing family and visiting the Outlet Village (a short walk from where my Mum lives). We saw my Aunt and grandparents and they met T for the first time. 

On the Sunday, we took a trip to Cotswold Wildlife Park with my Mum and her husband joined us later in the afternoon. I had vague memories of visiting when we were children but was keen to take the girls. Cue lots of photos:

My Mum loved the meerkats.

E was very taken with the otters, running between the otter and meerkat enclosure which are next to each other.

One of the good things about going with my Mum was that I got to do a couple of things with D and E that I wouldn't have been able to otherwise. For example, the Madagascan Walkthrough which didn't allow pushchairs in. Mum and T sat outside whilst we went in.

The way this guy's sat strikes me as quite comical.

As is the norm these days, E spent a good amount of time running from enclosure to enclosure, having a good look at things before running on to the next. She also spent a lot of time wanting to be next to my Mum and being carried around by her, which didn't do her joints much good (sorry Mum!).  We did have to pop her in the pushchair on a couple of occasions as she was simply too tired to walk but she wasn't too happy with us!

It was a really lovely day, the only downside, for me, was that it was just a little bit too warm for me. I would have preferred it slightly cooler!

I can't remember what this animal is called but I quite like it. E managed to drop her dummy into the enclosure (I gave it to her as she was tired), luckily there was a keeper in there who kindly passed it back to me!


  1. Great photos of your daughter and all the animals.I love the wolves and bats when I went with my daughter and her class a few months ago.I don't lie to far from Swindon.

  2. What a busy weekend. Remarkable that we should be complaining of the heat in mid September. It registered 23 degrees here today, I'm rather hoping it continues though! Lovely photos from the wildlife park, i only hear good things from there. Thank you for sharing with me on country Kids