Overnight Oats

One of my biggest dieting failings is usually missing breakfast so it was one of the areas I wanted to address. Mornings are busy for me with getting the girls ready, washing bottles and feeding etc, so my breakfast used to fall by the wayside. I know a lot of people won't think this is a big thing but it meant I was often snacking mid-morning and, of course, choosing the wrong things to snack on. 

I've heard lots of people talking about overnight oats and was keen to try them. If you have a look on Pinterest and Instagram, you'll find tons of posts and ideas to flavour them. 

I have 35g plain oats (I usually use my (Healthy Extra B choice - HxB) and mix it with a muller light yogurt (free) and fruit before I go to bed. To help save time and keep me organised (not to mention making sure that there is some fruit in the house), I've started to buy frozen fruit and divide it into portions so that I can just grab it when I want it.

Some mornings I top it with a banana and that's all there is to it!  I love the fact that it's so filling and that I'm getting a good portion of fruit into me to start the day with. And because there are so many different flavours of yogurt, I can mix it up each day!

If you have any filling, Slimming World friendly, breakfast suggestions, I'd be very grateful if you would share them with me!

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