Slimming World: 6 weeks in

I'm six weeks in on the Slimming World journey (I'm not sure I'm that keen on referring to it as a journey but as I write this it has been a very long day (week!) and I can't think of a better way to describe it at this moment!) and I thought it was time for a quick update.

Week 1: 5lb loss. Mum and Step-dad here for a few days. Coffees and lunches out.

Week 2: 1.5lb loss. Brother here to stay. BBQ for niece's birthday.

Week 3: Stayed the same. E's birthday. Lunches out.

Week 4:1lb loss. D at home on leave. Day trips out with the girls.

Week 5: 0.5lb loss. D still on leave. Long weekend away to visit family, staying in a hotel with bed and breakfast.

Week 6: 1.5lb loss. D is back at work. This week has been very hit and miss. For various reasons that I won't go into, its been a challenging week. I have always been an emotional eater, although the extent to which I've taken it has always varied. Happy, sad, angry, tired... I eat. This week aside, I have been getting better at controlling/dealing with it so, on the whole, I'm trying to look at it as a positive.  

All in all, I love everything about the Slimming World plan. I find it so much easier to follow than Weight Watchers, which I've followed a few times over the years. I feel slightly conflicted, in that I feel because I'm so big I should be losing weight quickly but I also want to be able to go out with my family and have lunch out if we decide to do so and not be hung up on the fact I'm trying to lose weight. However, I'm definitely making healthier choices and thinking more about what I'm eating and drinking so I'm concentrating on the above words and the fact that regardless of everything that's happened in the last six weeks, I've still lost 9.5lb. 

At the moment, my 'essentials' are bananas, pasta, chicken, bacon and Muller Light Yogurts. Not so long ago, my essentials would have included bread and chocolate. I'm so pleased to have kicked my reliance on these. I'm still drinking quite a lot of diet coke (1 a day or every other day) but again, that's so much better than what I was having previously - another work in progress. 

I'm trying to be a bit more adventurous with my foods too but some of that comes down to the girls and how much time I get when they aren't wanting something from me - its easier to cook something familiar than new in that scenario. I've been adding tons of veg to things like pasta and I've been making lots of egg foo yung, as my husband calls it or egg-chuck-anything-and-everything-in, as I call it.

Kelloggs All Bran Golden Crunch, Muller Light Yogurt and banana 
spicy tomato and chilli pasta with prawns, onion and spinach 
carrot and coriander soup with chicken and bacon

Here's to the next few weeks and a little reminder to myself (and anyone else trying to lose weight!):

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