The time has come...

This week saw E start nursery!
Initially, I was torn about her starting so early. 2 seems so little and I was worried at having her away from me but I also worry that she gets bored at home. T is quite a clingy baby and demands a lot of my time and attention and whilst I try my best, I can't always play with E one-on-one, as much as I want to. She needs the stimulation and friends she will find at playgroup and it would be selfish of me to deny her that. 
The nursery we decided upon hold a toddler session once a week so we attended a few sessions and I could see she would love it and that the staff were nice. So we booked her in to start with two taster sessions initially, which I would attend and observe and if all was well she would start the following week.
Yesterday was our first taster session. Considering we hadn't been for a toddler session for a while with the school holidays, she recognised where she was and was eager to get in. It's fair to say that she really enjoyed it.  And today's session was the same - she started to get excited when she recognised where we were going and was in a hurry to jump out of the car and get into the building. 
And so, Monday is the big day. When I drop her off at 9am and collect her at lunchtime. Any fears I may have had, have disappeared. I'm no longer worried about whether she will fit in (she went straight to play with the children), whether she will miss me (she barely looked at me in the sessions!) or what the staff will be like with her. One of the children yesterday was crying because she missed her Mummy - one of the staff sat and had her on her lap, cuddling her for a good 20 minutes whilst also chatting and playing with some of the other children. Whilst it tugged at my heart that the little girl was so upset, it also reassured me that they would do their best to reassure E if it was her.
I definitely feel that we've made the right choice with the nursery. Initially, she will be attending three sessions a week with the option to increase if we want to. Two of those sessions have 10 children in (with 4 key workers) and one has 4 children (with 2 key workers). During the taster sessions, E's key worker took a lot of time to talk to me about E's abilities, likes and dislikes  (on top of the lengthy questionnaire I had to complete) and to answer my additional questions. I have no doubts that E will be well looked after there and have a great time.  
I must admit, I'm hoping that I might feel a little more refreshed/relaxed with her at nursery and only T demanding my attention for a few hours. Chance will be a fine thing, let's be honest, I will no doubt be running around trying to complete some of the tasks that are easier to do with one child attached to me than two..... but I live in hope!

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  1. Aww! Bless her! It sounds like she's going to have a great time!
    Good luck x