First Moments: Pampers Unicef Campaign

As a Mum, I think the first moment you meet your baby will undoubtedly be the most incredible day of your life. For nine months you’ve carried them and felt them move and created a bond that no one else can experience. If you are already a Mum then another incredibly special day will be that when you introduce your children for the first time.

When T was born, E was left at home with her grandparents caring for her.  When we arrived home, the house was quiet and E was watching Peppa Pig when we walked into the living room. E took a moment to look at the scene infront of her before approaching the car seat and T. She crouched over the seat to look at her, looked at me and then walked off again to carry on watching Peppa Pig!  Not the most inspiring of starts, I think you’ll agree? Since then, though, their bond has continued to grow and I love seeing their relationship blossom and those little first moments between them – the first time E cuddled her and gave her a kiss, said goodnight to her, gave her the dummy when she cried And many, many more – even the first time I caught her dragging T off of her toy box lid because she was in the way!
Pampers have just launched their 9th Pampers UNICEF ‘1 pack = 1 vaccine’ annual campaign. Since 2006 this campaign has funded an amazing 300 million vaccines to help eliminate newborn and maternal tetanus. The disease has been eliminated in 15 countries (including the Ivory Coast and Sierra Leone) but babies in 24 of the world’s poorest countries are still at risk.
As a Mum, I would do anything to keep my daughters safe. I want to see them grow up, healthy and safe and to experience all those first, exciting moments that life has to offer – their first day at school, their first party, meeting their first boyfriend, In the UK we’re extremely lucky to have access to healthcare and to be able to protect our children from illness and disease. I cannot imagine what it must be like to live in a country where these services aren’t available and it breaks my heart to think of the women and children whose lives are at risk when a single vaccine could save their life.  There are children who won’t experience any firsts because their lives are taken too early but we can help to fight this with vaccinations. In many parts of the world, newborn tetanus is still a leading cause of infant mortality due to the lack of health care, immunisation and hygiene during birth.
The campaign is being support by Emma Bunton for the second year running. This video shows her recent trip to Madagascar, a country that has just announced its elimination of maternal and newborn tetanus).

How can YOU help?
  • For each specially marked pack of Pampers (with the UNICEF logo) you purchase, one life-saving vaccine is donated to the campaign.
  • Watch the Pampers First Time Moments video - for every view, another vaccine will be donated.
Together we can help more babies to reach their ‘firsts’.

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