T turns 7 months

I can hardly believe that T is now 7 months! 

I always think it's funny how babies/toddlers seem to stay the same for ages and then suddenly all these changes happen at once.  She's recently started to crawl and there's no stopping her. She's very much a mummy's girl at the moment, she's usually at her happiest when she is sat with me. If I put her on the floor to play, most of the time I have to be in direct eyesight of her or she gets rather unhappy. That, or she will crawl from where ever she is to where I am and if I'm going back and forth between rooms, she will also do the same.

I take her into the toilet with me and she will position herself like she has in the photo below, before crawling over to my feet and grabbing hold of my feet, it's almost like she's holding me down! 

Not content with crawling, she's already trying to pull herself up against us and the furniture. It's surprising how strong she is! If I stand her next to the sofa, she will hold herself fairly steadily and try to shuffle to the side. I honestly don't think it will be long before she's mastered that. (NB: Since I originally wrote this post, 2-3 days ago, she has fully mastered pulling herself up against furniture and looks very pleased with herself once she has done so!)

E has been in for quite a shock as T is already starting to follow her around.  Earlier this week, she was trying to play with her train track and as she was connecting the tracks, T was coming along and taking them back up. She then decided to lay on the lid to the train box and I looked to see E dragging her off by her feet.... there was a lot of 'no, no, no' from E that day!

It is so nice to see them together. T absolutely adores E and always has a grin for her. In fact, she's quite a smiley baby altogether and even though she is full of cold at the moment and has a cough she's still grinning away (mostly!).

The last few days have also seen her say "Dada", much to my disgust. Still, E said Mama first so at least one of them did! I wonder what will be the next big change in her?

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