The first few weeks of nursery

E has now been at nursery for almost a month and it's funny how quickly you get into the routine of something new.   Our routine mostly goes something like this:

The night before 
- I get the girl's clothes and nappies set out for the morning.
- Get my clothes sorted.

- The alarm goes off at 6.45am. I normally sleep through it (unless T is stirring) until 7am.
- D feeds T her first bottle of the day in bed.
- I rush having a shower/doing make up/drying hair/getting dressed between keeping the girls occupied and stopping T from crawling off the edge of our bed (where she sits whilst I get ready).
- Get both the girls dressed.
- D gets E's breakfast and I feed T.
- E demands her shoes on. Then she spends the rest of her time before leaving trying to get someone to take her outside, asking for her 'dubby' (dummy) or the iPad (there's a couple of games she loves at the moment!).
- Bundle them into the car and off we go!

Once we've dropped her off we either head to town and run any errands that need doing or we head straight home so I can get on with anything that needs doing. I must say that the first day I left her alone, I didn't know what to do with myself and I actually caught myself counting down til pick up time.  Now, I try to get anything that needs doing, done... provided that T lets me, that is!

I wrote here about my thoughts before she started and thankfully, nothing has changed. The staff are excellent, so friendly and helpful and E pretty much runs through the doors and I have to chase her to give her a kiss goodbye.

She's talking and picking up more words every day. It's been great to see her interacting with the other children and getting updates as to how she's doing.

The only downside to her going to nursery is the germs!  So far, we've had one small cold (a few sniffles for E and T), swiftly followed by a sickness bug which started on the Monday with T, me on the Wednesday and E on the Thursday. It then hit Grandad, D and Nanny. That has now been followed by a cough and cold which we all have. I think we've been quite lucky in that E hasn't had many coughs and colds yet, so I did expect a few more sniffles etc - just not quite so quickly! Finger's crossed she doesn't bring anything else home for a while!!


  1. Aww! It sounds like things are going really well.
    The germs are the downside though....Hope you all feel better soon x

    1. Thanks Kim! Finger's crossed it will all settle down soon x