What they wore #13

Taking a look at what the girls have been wearing this week and linking up to  Trendy Thursday, a weekly linky hosted by Medicated Follower  and Mothergeek's Trendy Tot Thursday, for bloggers who love to show off their children's style.

Both of the outfits T is wearing are from Next. T's Nanny and Grandad gave her the dog print top and leggings which I've teamed with a long sleeve white tee underneath. 

This outfit I picked. It's a little different from the colours I normally dress the girls in but I'm a sucker for stripes and I really love stripy leggings so it was a must! Again, I often add a long sleeve tee underneath. I find a top underneath, rather than a cardigan over the top, is often easier, especially once little ones are on the move. Not only that, but it prevents the patterns and front of the top being hidden!

I need to get a little more creative with how I snap the children. They are both on the move pretty much all of the time now, so it's getting harder and harder to snap them!


  1. I agree re long sleeve top rather than a cardigan - Emma seems to always suck cardigans!
    fab outfit xx
    #trendythursday x

    1. Oh yes, I forgot the soggy sleeve! My girls do that too, 2 years on and I still haven't worked out the attraction! x

  2. Aww so sweet. I have a similar T-Shirt to the one with the cat in a boat for Baby Bear that I picked up from the Next Outlet earlier this week x

  3. Both outfits are adorable... I am a sucker for Next clothing! Thank you for sharing #TT_Thursday x

  4. Aww! Two fab outfits! I used to always put long sleeved vests on under Tee's when my 2 were smaller. Like you say, it means their tops aren't hidden. I love stripy leggings too! #TT_Thursday