A rant about fly tipping

(The photos in this post are from my Instagram account. Apologies if the quality appears poor.)
I am very lucky to live in a beautiful village in West Norfolk. We are located a couple of miles from the nearest town and surrounded by several other villages.  We have a scattering of houses and are surrounded by fields. There is an old railway line, overgrown with blackberry hedges and weeds. A few minutes walk from our home there is a river and two hidden away ponds. Other than some through traffic and farmers working in the fields it is really rather quiet.
We are very lucky with wildlife, in our garden and the fields next to our home we have an array of pheasants, partridges and woodpeckers. Buzzards are often seen flying overhead and we've had birds of prey in the garden. Owls have made their home in our trees and we often have deer passing through. Sometimes we are lucky to see deer when we are out walking.
We know that we are very lucky to live where we do. That's why it makes my blood boil when we drive through the village to find fly-tippers have paid it a visit. 
This time its a sofa. We've had building waste, black bags full of rubbish and old tyres. Not to forget the good old fast food rubbish. And its often left in the same (or near enough) spot - just on a bend in the road where no one from the houses are either end of the village can spot them.
I don't know why people feel they have the right to do as they please, in this case dumping rubbish, leaving other people clearing up behind them. The sense of self-entitlement, the "I can, so I will" mentality is outrageous.  I would say its laziness, but they still have to drive to get to our village - why not drive a little further (just 2 miles from our house!) to the tip?! Do people not care about the environment that they live in and their surroundings?

I have yet to catch anyone in the act of fly tipping but because our road is so quiet, we all keep a watch on any cars or vans that we drive past just sat at the roadside. You can rest assured that I would happily report them if I saw them! 

Does fly tipping happen where you live? Have you ever caught anyone doing it?

(As a side note, I've contacted our local Council to report the fly tipping. I must say that they are usually very quick at responding so fingers crossed this will be removed in the next day or two).

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