E gets the flu vaccination

Yesterday I took E for the flu vaccination.

I wasn't entirely convinced that (a) she would let the Nurse put the spray in her nose and (b) that if she did, she wouldn't kick up a fuss about it.  Not only that but I was a bit worried about taking her for the appointment as our Doctors often insist on booking appointments for kids upstairs where there's no room for pushchairs, meaning I'd have to juggle T and stop E from running off.

I needn't have worried. We got there and the appointment was downstairs. E sat on her buggy board with a bottle of (watered down) juice and waited patiently. 

When we got into the room, the Nurse explained to E what she was going to do and why, which I thought was nice. I don't like it when people either ignore children or talk over them. She cupped her chin and popped one spray into the nose. E was weary and moved her head to start and then let the Nurse get on and do the other side. No fussing or complaining and she wiped the excess dripping as the Nurse suggested and then chose her sticker. Not only that but she remembered to say please and ta!  I was very proud - and relieved that it had been so easy! I was warned that she might get some cold-like symptoms in reaction to the vac, which have started this afternoon, but other than that she's fine. A potential few days of mild reaction is absolutely preferable to weeks of flu and recovery so far as we are concerned.

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