The end of maternity leave

Its hard to believe that maternity leave is already over. 

I am very lucky to work for my husband's family business. I'm lucky that the work I do, and of course working for family, is very flexible. I'm pretty much able to set my own hours. I work one day a week in the office and fit whatever else I can in at home. 

When I had E, I attempted to go back to work at six months. It didn't work out, I hated it and ended up taking my full nine months. On my first attempt, I lasted half the day. I cried driving into work and it took me til mid-morning to stop sobbing to myself as I missed her so much. My second attempt was better, I lasted most of the day although I still cried quite a bit!  So right from the start with T, I said that I would probably take my full nine months and that would be that. As I said, I'm very lucky with the flexibility. 

So last week saw my return to work and my first day back in the office. As with my return to work after having E, my in-laws are looking after the girls. I was a little bit anxious before, not about leaving E as I knew she would be fine, but leaving T. I wasn't sure how she would be as we are going through a clingy phase.  

As it turned out, it worked out fine. I didn't cry. At the risk of sounding a little heartless, to some, I enjoyed having the day away from them. I don't get much in the way of 'me' time and so despite being busy all day, I felt almost refreshed by the time I got home - I think it was not having to be on constant look out for them and being able to get stuck into something different. 

More importantly, E and T had a great time with Nanny and Grandad, as you can see from the photo below that they sent to me at work:

So now comes the juggling part and trying to get myself organised. Whilst I'm lucky to be able to set my own hours and work around the children as and when, I still need to make sure that I'm doing a good amount of hours and getting a reasonable amount of money coming in. So far I'm trying to make lists of everything that I need to get done but I need to organise that as well as I have scraps of paper everywhere!   I'm trying to utilise nap times and any TV time as best I can but I would love to hear from anyone else who can share some tips with me - how do you juggle working from home with little ones and how do you keep everything organised? 

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