A cold and frosty day

Yesterday we headed up to Sandringham. We gave E a trike for Christmas and thought we'd take it with us. Often when we go for a walk she doesn't want to walk or go in the pushchair but wants to be carried so we thought she might enjoy being pushed about instead!

We stopped at Sainsburys on the way to grab some food for lunch and headed off. One of the good things about visiting at this time of year is that the roads are usually clear (unlike any day with a hint of sunshine and heat!).  Once we got there, E jumped in the front seat next to Daddy, I climbed in the back next to T and we sat and had a little picnic in the car. 
Once that was over and done with, we headed off for a walk. It was frosty and very cold so we were all wrapped up well (I even wore a hat - I never wear a hat!). And this is where it all went a bit skewiff. Firstly E decided she didn't want to go near the trike. She wanted to walk. We only managed a few feet before she tripped up, completely covering herself in mud and hitting her face on the ground and needless to say, she cried. We persuaded her to get on the trike and she grumbled and grumbled and grumbled. By this point T was getting grumpy as she needed a nap. We continued walking and I decided to get the camera out and take some photos... Only I turned it on and the screen flashed to tell me the battery was flat. The photo above is one of a couple that I managed to take on my phone. 
We followed a trail which wasn't very well sign posted and luckily for us was rather short and so we headed back to the car. Within 5 minutes E was asleep. If we had realised just how tired she was we would have timed things differently!

All being said and done, even with it being cold and them both being grumpy, it was still nice to get out in the fresh air and clear the cobwebs away!

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