Blog Talk - Looking at 2014

I started off 2014 wanting to be able to write more and spend more time on my blog. Of course, what we want and what happens don't always match up. T was born in March and I think I was being overly optimistic in thinking I'd have much time to myself, particularly in the first few months when reflux was a big problem for us.
That said, I was able to get a new theme put together for my blog, with thanks to Jade which helped smarten things up and helped me to really think about what direction I wanted to take my blog in.
I've also been taking part in a couple of linkies in the form of 'What they wore' and 'Silent Sunday', with this summery shot being one of my favourites. These are often hit and miss, depending on whether I can get any blogging time in but I do enjoy taking part in them and hope to continue doing so in 2015.
Whilst I haven't written as much as I had hoped to do so, I have been able to write(!) and I thought I'd share with you my 5 most viewed posts (in no particular order), which were:
1 - In January I wrote about the Mothercare 2 Position Baby Carrier.
2 - In February, I wrote about The Co-operative "Loved by us" nappies.
3 - In April, I wrote about our Pets.
4 - In June I shared my Not So Secret Obsession.
3 - In July I showed you The Girls Bedroom.

So, as we approach 2015, I've been thinking about what I want to do in terms of my blog and it comes down to this: write more. Simple, no? If only! As for so many Mums, life is a juggling act. Looking after two aged two and under, working and just everyday life means that I get very little me time and inevitably if I do, I end up using the time to get those jobs done that are easier when little ones aren't around! I've said before that I'm very lucky to have the flexibility with working from home but it often means that I'm working of an evening or on and off through out the day and then of an evening I'm catching up with other chores etc. I might not be the best writer but I enjoy doing it and I want to do more of it so I really need to organise and balance my time better. How I do this, I haven't quite worked out but I know it will be a work in progress!

So, if you have any tips or would be kind enough to share how you balance everything out, I'd be grateful!  In the meantime, thanks for reading and here's to 2015!

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